Because of the bad news that usually dominates the front page of, the good news often disappears. That is why we make an overview of the positive and cheerful news of the past few days.

More gray seals are counted in the Wadden Sea

In the month of April, 5,687 gray seals were counted in the Dutch Wadden Sea. That is 20 percent more than a year earlier.

In the entire Wadden Sea, which is also partly located in Germany and Denmark, more gray seals were also counted than last year. This concerns 7,649 seals, an increase of 17 percent.

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Helpline 113 is available

The telephone number 113 has been available since Tuesday for anyone who wants to talk about thoughts of suicide. Until now, people with such thoughts had to call the longer number 0900-0113. The new phone number should prevent people from accidentally calling 113 and not getting anyone on the line.

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Direct train connection between Amsterdam and London

Travelers who travel to London from Amsterdam or Rotterdam with the Eurostar will no longer have to leave the train in Brussels for a passport check from the autumn.

The direct connection test was supposed to start in April, but was canceled due to the corona measures. The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom have made new agreements about the test. It saves travelers about an hour of travel time.

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Most sectors are again confident about survival

The number of companies that think they have existed for at least another year has increased in June, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In business services in particular, confidence in the continued existence of the company has increased between May and June.

The catering industry is still pessimistic. A quarter of the entrepreneurs in that sector think they can survive for another year.

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Dom tower wheelchair friendly

Thanks to a visitor lift, the top of the Utrecht Dom Tower has also been accessible to people who cannot climb the stairs since Friday. Wheelchair users and other people with walking difficulties can still look out over Utrecht in this way.

The lift would actually be put into use in early April, but that was canceled because of the corona measures.

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Dutch people get mini pacemaker

A new type of wireless mini pacemaker has been successfully implanted in the first heart patients in the Netherlands this week. The pacemaker can help patients with cardiac arrhythmias in both ventricles. The treatment option, whose surgery is less invasive than normal pacemakers, is becoming available to more heart patients who are of frail health and for whom surgery is risky, according to developer Medtronic.