China News Service Nanyang, July 11 (Reporter Liu Peng) In response to the "net red female teacher released a video of kissing boys", on the 11th, an incident investigation and disposal working group established in Tanghe County, Henan Province reported that the children involved Shi Wenmou has been dismissed. At present, the county education department has ordered the kindergarten concerned to suspend business for rectification.

  According to the report, recently, a female teacher in a kindergarten in Tanghe uploaded a video of kissing a boy on a social networking platform, and distributed a picture of speeches such as "What do I want to commit? I have a girlfriend here, I can wait for him for ten years" The text information has caused heated discussion among netizens.

  After the incident, Tanghe County Party Committee and County Government immediately established an investigation and disposal working group to investigate. After a preliminary investigation, the teacher in question Wen Moumou (with a kindergarten teacher qualification certificate) is a teacher in the Tangchengyuan (with a private school running permit) of Golden Thumb Kindergarten in Tanghe County, and his behavior is contrary to the teacher’s code of conduct and has caused adverse effects in the society. influences.

  On July 8, the kindergarten dismissed Wen Moumou. At present, the county education department has ordered the kindergarten to suspend business for rectification, and decided to carry out training on laws and regulations, teacher behavior standards and professional ability for private primary and secondary schools (kindergartens) and out-of-school training institutions (employees) throughout the summer. Kindergarten) and heads of off-campus training institutions conduct training to improve management capabilities.

  The notice stated that at present, the investigation work is still being carried out in depth, and the subsequent investigation and disposal will be announced to the society in time. (Finish)