A Chinese study, the results of which were published by two hospitals in Wuhan, showed that patients with high blood sugar levels were at double risk of death due to Covid 19.

This is the first time that scientists confirm that patients who record high levels of sugar in the blood without being diagnosed with diabetes, face a greater risk of death from the coronavirus, according to what was reported in the journal "Diabetology".

The researchers analyzed death rates for 605 Covid 19 patients in two hospitals in Wuhan, China. They wrote that high blood sugar levels are "linked" in isolation from all other factors, with an increased risk of death and complications from the virus.

This study has been based on previous research conducted on diabetes patients.

In France, one out of every ten patients with the epidemic died, also suffering from diabetes, which is higher than that recorded in people without HIV, without diabetes, according to a study published by the same magazine in May.

The researchers said in the study published Friday that blood clotting and excessive interaction of the immune system may have a role in this topic.