Antonin, 20, paid tribute to Philippe Monguillot and Mélanie Lemée - Screenshot / TF1

In addition to the amount of his prize pool and his number of victories, we recognize a true champion by his generosity. Antonin, the “noon master” who currently reigns in Jean-Luc Reichmann's game, has just demonstrated this with a gesture he echoed on Twitter. This Friday, July 10, the young man explained that he was passing on his earnings of the day to the families of Mélanie Lemée, the gendarme broke during a roadside check, and Philippe Monguillot, the bus driver assaulted in Bayonne.

“No one should die for the simple fact of carrying out their duty and their work. They have each become symbols of the daily violence exacerbated which many French people endure, and which we will only overcome united, mobilized and united ”, wrote the game champion of TF1. Antonin then encouraged "those who can" to contribute to this surge of solidarity by redirecting his subscribers to the online pools of the two families.

The prize pools for the families of Mélanie Lemée and Philippe Monguillot respectively exceeded € 30,000 and € 10,000, to which the “midday master” therefore added an additional € 500.


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