China News Service, Chengdu, July 10 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun, Yang Yong) The Deyang City Emergency Management Bureau of Sichuan reported on July 10 that Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd.'s "7·8" fire explosion accident was identified as a general fire explosion by preliminary investigation. Production safety accidents.

  According to an official report, around 21:10 on July 8, the lead workshop of the Nanfeng production area of ​​Guanghan Jinyan Firework Co., Ltd. was burned. After receiving the report, relevant departments such as emergency, public security, and firefighting rushed to the scene for rescue as soon as possible. Through on-site investigation, it was understood that the plant and products were not of high value, and the possibility of explosion was extremely high. To ensure the safety of personnel, the person in charge of the site command ordered the immediate cessation of fire fighting, and organized party and government cadres to evacuate all surrounding people.

Damaged car at the explosion site. Zhang Jinshe

  At 22:25 on the 8th, the explosion occurred in the lead workshop. After continuous fighting by the emergency, firefighting, public security and other departments, the fire at the accident site was completely extinguished at 4:20 in the morning of July 9; the scene was completed at 5:05. To prevent re-ignition, there are still 10 people left behind to monitor the scene. Six people were injured in the accident, including two seriously injured and four slightly injured. One person was discharged as of 10 o'clock on the 10th.

  After the accident, the Deyang Municipal People's Government established an accident investigation team. After a preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident was that the nitrocellulose in the chemical raw material warehouse released heat under the action of high temperature (weather) and other factors. The accumulated heat spontaneously ignited, causing the charcoal in the adjacent warehouse to catch fire, and then ignited the ignition line stored in the adjacent building. The first deflagration immediately ignited the second deflagration of the ignition line stored in the building 90 meters away. The total economic loss was about 500,000 yuan. The preliminary judgment was a general accident. Accidents will be subject to formal accident investigation reports.

Firefighters are putting out the aftermath. Zhang Jinshe

  The report also stated that for the raw materials such as the igniter line and other stocks in the Nanfeng production area, the provincial emergency expert group will formulate a disposal plan. On the afternoon of July 9, 18 professionals and three special vehicles for transportation will be transferred. On July 10 The transfer was completed in the early morning hours to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. (Finish)