[Commentary] On July 10, the 17th China (Changchun) International Auto Expo opened at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1,400 vehicles from about 150 car brands from around the world were unveiled, the largest in history.

  This year's Changchun International Auto Show is also the first show of China's five major auto shows after the new crown pneumonia epidemic has been effectively controlled. In order to ensure the safety of the exhibition, the organizing committee has prepared an epidemic prevention and control work plan. The auto show will limit 30,000 passengers per day. If the current limit is exceeded, ticket sales will be stopped and the passage will be closed.

  【Same period】Liu Xiaona, the person in charge of the booth

  At the front desk, including every table in the entire negotiation room area, disposable hand sanitizer and alcohol cotton pads will be placed and will be replenished in time. Every morning and evening, the whole site will be disinfected and sprayed with disinfectant water.

  【Concurrent period】Seven

  For this expo, there is almost no interaction between our models and tourists, that is, if there are some recent exhibitions, there may be a close contact with the tourists, but the distance will be at least about 1 meter.

  [Commentary] On the first day of the Changchun International Motor Show, the car models of the booth were all wearing masks for display and performance, and the citizens who watched the exhibition consciously kept a corresponding distance.

  [Concurrent period] Ms. Minshan, Changchun

  For example, if you wear a mask, you may go home and disinfect it. If you have a place with more people, try not to get too close. Choose a place with fewer people to see.

  【Explanation】Unlike the previous years, this year's Changchun International Auto Show adopts the "main venue + branch venue + online exhibition hall" exhibition mode. The exhibition area of ​​the main venue and branch venues totaled 203,000 square meters; the online exhibition hall used digital means and combined with the "Zhan Etong" APP integrated service platform for exhibition.

  The latest news shows that many auto companies will hold brand launches during the Changchun International Auto Show, and brands such as Lincoln, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, and Subaru will also hold the latest promotion activities.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan from Changchun

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]