A female donkey in Canada turned into a cash-generating star, as her surprise appearance during video meetings through the Zoom app gained admiration, and the “donkey” became a way to finance a farm animal shelter.

And as soon as the gray and white kiln «Bakwit» (buckwheat) joined a virtual meeting on "Zoom" with the participation of a number of people, the groans of those present on the screen rose to express their surprise and their approval of the funny idea. They quickly burst into laughter when Tim Force, a volunteer at the shelter, said: "We are storming your meeting. I introduce you to Paquette, and she broke into a famous meeting. ”

Fors told France Presse that "Bakwitt" joins the meetings "at the request of the people", with the aim of "achieving a financial income." He pointed out that it is "a means to raise funds to provide nutrition to cows, especially during the Covid 19-pandemic stage." Before the outbreak of the new Corona virus began in Canada, the shelter relied on to ensure continuity of its visitor donations and the activities it hosted.

Force reported that four years ago, the farm owner, Mike Lannigan, decided to "stop sending cows to the slaughterhouse."

Today, the shelters house about 20 cows, in addition to chickens, ducks and a horse, and of course the Bakwit which was born on the farm 12 years ago.

Faced with the scale of the crisis that was threatening the continuity of the shelter, his officials quickly recognized the need to find new sources of funding.

With this in mind, they came up with the idea to engage animals to moisten the atmosphere of virtual business meetings that were used during the pandemic period.

Those wishing to fill out a form available on the website of the shelter can request to reserve the services of "Baquette" or "Melody" horse or "Dean" of the cows of the farm "Victoria".

The animal's "fee allowance", which participates in the 10-minute virtual meeting, was set at $ 75, while the price of 20 minutes is $ 125, and the price of half an hour is $ 175, according to Addit Barabash, one of the founders of the shelter.
"We're delighted to see how surprised a meeting participant is when they see a donkey appear on the screen," commented Force.

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