OMF Oh my fake: can you really sell your pet to a lab? - 20 Minutes - OMF

It's ugly, it's bad, it hurts the animal world.

According to viral posts on social networks and even associations, a new decree would allow individuals to sell their beloved pet to ... experimental laboratories. Even more serious, the government would have taken advantage of the confinement to put this cruel text into a loucedé.

So, true, false? Obviously the reality is much more nuanced. But this story has made an impression and it can be easily explained. Clémence explains why the impact of such a rumor.

OMF Oh My Fake , launched on Snapchat Discover, it's the  20 Minutes program  that makes you strong against "fake news". The question here is not to answer the question "Is it true or is it false?" "But to" Why did we believe it? By analyzing the mechanisms that make fake news so attractive that even seasoned minds - like yours! - can succumb to it.

And as this program is just breathtaking and colorful, we let you scan this snapcode in the Snapchat application to subscribe. We even advise you to watch all the old episodes, you will not regret it and you will learn some great things about our cognitive biases. Go!

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