Driving on a high speed, the speed is relatively fast, you must drive carefully when driving forward, but there are people who stage fancy reversing on the high speed, which makes the passing vehicles frightened.

  As can be seen from the monitoring screen, at about 7pm on July 6, at the Nanchuan Interchange on the G65 Baomao Expressway, a white car was reversing the S-shape on the roadway. After over a hundred meters, the car took over The driveway finally hit the van that was forced to stop. What was unexpected was that during the negotiation process between the two parties, the driver was still reversing the vehicle backwards, leaving the rear vehicle unprepared.

  It is understood that the driver Wang Mou went to Yunnan from Hubei and thought of reversing because he missed the crossing. According to the road traffic safety law, driver Wang was fined 200 yuan and scored 12 points. (Xiao Jiangchuan Guo Zhenxi)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]