Tokyo Metro Anti-virus processing on all vehicles New Corona 9:15 on July 9

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Tokyo Metro has begun to take measures to coat the seats and handrails of all vehicles with an antiviral drug.

As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, Tokyo Metro will apply anti-virus processing to all of its 2720 vehicles by the middle of next month.

On the 9th, at a vehicle depot in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, the work of spraying antiviral drug was released to the press, and workers took about 10 minutes per car using dedicated equipment, and seats for seats I sprayed chemicals all over the parts that passengers could touch, such as the handrails and handrails.

According to Tokyo Metro, this antiviral agent is mainly composed of silver ions, which are said to have no effect on the human body, and although the effect on the new coronavirus has not been confirmed, it has the effect on influenza virus, Escherichia coli, etc. The effect can be expected to last for half a year to one year.

"I think the second wave is just around the corner, so I would like to take proper measures so that people can use the railway with peace of mind."