China News Service, July 9 (Xinhua) According to the official Weibo news of the Guanghan City Government Information Office in Sichuan, on July 8, a fire explosion occurred in the plant of the Nanfeng production area of ​​the Jinyan Fireworks Company in Guanghan City, causing 6 injuries. Expert investigation determined that the accident was caused by the nitrocellulose in the chemical raw material warehouse under the action of high temperature and other factors to liberate heat and accumulate spontaneous combustion. .

At 5 o'clock on the 9th, the open flames at the explosion accident site of Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd. were basically extinguished, and firemen cleared the fire. Zhang Jinshe

  At around 21:10 on July 8, the plant in the Nanfeng production area of ​​Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd. was burned, which caused an explosion at 22:25. After the accident, fire, public security, emergency and other relevant departments rushed to the scene as soon as possible to evacuate the surrounding people and carry out fire rescue. After continuous fighting by the fire control, public security and emergency departments, the fire on the scene of the accident was completely extinguished at 4:20 in the morning on July 9; at 5:05, the on-site disposal was completed. To prevent re-ignition, there are still 10 people left behind to monitor the scene.

  Six people were injured in the accident, including two seriously injured and four slightly injured. At present, 2 seriously injured persons have completed the operation and their vital signs are stable; 4 minor wounded persons are in relatively minor injuries.

  At 0:35 on the 9th, experts from the Fireworks and Firecrackers Association and Fireworks and Firecrackers Testing Station appointed by the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Department arrived at the scene to guide the disposal and conduct an investigation of the causes. The experts inquired the personnel on duty at the factory site, watched the network video of combustion and explosion, combined with the close-up observations on the spot, and determined that the accident was caused by the nitrocellulose in the chemical raw material warehouse under the action of high temperature and other factors. Charcoal caught fire, which ignited the ignition of the ignition line stored in the adjacent building.

  After receiving the police, Guanghan City and County deployed 10 fire rescue stations, 32 vehicles, 125 people and 170 militiamen to the scene to fight. After the on-site investigation, the raw material warehouse at the initial ignition point was close to the warehouse where the ignition line was stored, which may cause an explosion accident. To protect the safety of the personnel, the on-site rescue force was evacuated to 500 meters away, and a warning area was set up to strengthen on-site management and control and cut off social vehicles. And personnel enter. At 3:04 on July 9th, under the expert judgment and guidance of the expert team, the fire brigade was organized with 4 vehicles and 20 people to initiate a general attack to cool the other fire workshops and workshops outside the raw material warehouse.

  After the accident, Guanghan City organized emergency, public security, firefighting and local cadres to conduct a net-like investigation of the accident center area and the affected area, organized the evacuation of the people to avoid danger, and each household arranged a special person to be responsible for evacuation. A total of 397 households and 1025 were transferred. people. According to the combination of centralized and decentralized resettlement, 46 people were placed in the militia training base of the Guanghan Armed Forces Department, and the masses were mobilized to invest in relatives and friends to disperse close to 1,000 people. Emergency supplies such as cool quilts, drinking water, instant noodles, and other living materials, while arranging a person to appease everyone's emotions, try their best to solve practical difficulties.

  The Sichuan Provincial Expert Group formulates a disposal plan, arranges professionals and engineering vehicles to clear the obstacles, and transfers the stock fire line when the time is ripe. The preliminary plan was to organize 6 professionals and 2 special transportation vehicles to implement transshipment around 6 pm on the 9th to completely eliminate hidden dangers.

  Next, Guanghan City will do its utmost to do investigation and disposal and accident aftercare work, to rescue the injured and to comfort the injured and their families to ensure the emotional stability of the masses; strengthen the accident site management and safety prevention and control, and promptly announce to the public Result; We will do our best to restore the production and life of surrounding people, and conduct a comprehensive investigation of the city's fireworks and firecrackers industry.