Italian authorities have banned the German rescue ship Sea-Watch 3 . The ship is currently anchoring in front of the Sicilian Porto Empedocle. During an inspection, the coast guard found technical and operational defects that affected the safety of the ship, the crew and rescued migrants, the Interior Ministry in Rome said. It would also violate environmental protection regulations.

The ship remains banned from driving until the deficiencies have been proven to have been rectified. Measures by the flag state of Germany are also required in some cases; he was responsible for ensuring that the ship complied with international and national standards.

The review by the Italian coast guard was done "as part of normal controls" and also provided for by international conventions, according to the Interior Ministry.

The Sea-Watch 3 had brought 211 people to Porto Empedocle on June 21. The people who, according to the Sea-Watch organization, had been rescued by three boats are still in quarantine on a passenger ferry. At the end of June, 28 of the migrants had tested positive for the coronavirus. 

Last year, the Sea-Watch 3 was confiscated by Italian judicial authorities for several months after the then captain Carola Rackete brought 40 migrants to Lampedusa in a surprise maneuver on June 29.