China Internet Entertainment July 9th news: On Saturday, the fifth season of Beijing Satellite TV's large-scale music program "Crossover Song King" was launched lively. The newly upgraded system brought a full view and super high popularity to the program. Wang Kai was emotional Singing the dialect version of the Wuhan folk song is touching; Zheng Kai confessed that his newly married wife Miao Miao reached the top of the hot search... . In addition, the stimulating scene that Tan Jianji directly pulled Li Xiaomeng off the throne and was forced to "close the wheat" on the cold bench of Niu Junfeng made the audience scream!

"Novice" song king strong adaptation Tan Jianci tears off the inherent "male group" label

  In the second episode, in order to ascend the throne that symbolizes honor, the King of Songs and challengers have begun to "magnify", the stronger the smell of gunpowder! Singing and jumping the little prince Tan Jianji changed the domineering cool hip-hop style, appeared in a mix-and-match style of western-style leather pants, and the affectionate singing on the stage caused netizens to speculate: Challenge Tan Jinci, who wants to take the heart track, do you want to tear off the body? Inherent singing and jumping tags? I do not know what kind of stage effect this interpretation of breakthrough self will show? For the first time, he played as "Singing King", who will he face PK this time?

  Zhong Chuxi incarnates "Blue Mermaid" and "Song of Love" Niu Junfeng on the same stage

  In the last week's throne challenge, Zhong Chuxi, who regretted her defeat, will also bring a lot of self-breakthrough. Her black Qi Liu Hai shawl with long hair and a blue mermaid Ji dress will revitalize the audience. Departure in just a few seconds is already addictive! But if you want to fight the "Singing King" again, it is not enough to change the shape. In the interpretation of the song, she also shows a brand new side. This time Zhong Chuxi will perform the new track with her new partner Niu Junfeng. "Hot Goddess" meets "Affectionate Singer", what kind of spark will the new combination hit?

Zheng Kai Li Xiaomeng's "Ten Years CP" once again fits into a perfect interpretation of retro disco

  In addition, the biggest bright spot in the trailer is Zheng Kai and Li Xiaomeng who are in the same frame of the "10-year CP". Ten years ago, in the "Pre-Divorce Rules", the two "love and kill each other" cooperated again on the cross-border stage to complete the "decade of ten years". In the notice, Li Xiaomeng dressed in black bell-bottoms and Zheng Kai in a printed shirt show a retro style. The full style of the Hong Kong style makes netizens call: Retro disco arrangements!

Music critic Ding Taisheng, Shadow Dao Dao see blood ZQSG controversy

  In the face of the breakthrough interpretation of cross-border singers, the stringent music critics are still sharp, and the spicy comments are not soft! The shadow teacher of "East Woman" became the "teacher", and bluntly said: "I am very disappointed, I don't like this work!" The sharp words shocked the four, causing controversy among the critics! "Tenderness" Ding Taisheng offered "Zhongxin Golden Sentence" and said bluntly "People make a play"! Faced with this evaluation, how should cross-border singers respond?

  In addition to the new cross-border singers, there are also stunning performances of previous strength songs Wang Kai, Qin Hailu, and Xiao Shenyang. The fifth season of Beijing TV’s "Cross-Border Song King" is about to sing at 20:30 on Saturday night. look forward to!