China News Network, Chengdu, July 9 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Department and Fire Rescue Corps in the early morning of the 9th that the fire rescue and disposal work of Guanghan Jinyan Firework Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jinyan Firework) continued. The on-site command headquarters arranged uniformly, and all personnel had been evacuated to the area 3 km away for guardianship.

  It is understood that Sichuan Guanghan Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd., which was involved in the fire, is located in Yuansheng Village, Nanfeng Town, Guanghan City. The company's license number is (Chuan) YH Anxuzhengzi (2018) 239093, valid from December 28, 2018 to December 27, 2021; the scope of permitted production is: fireworks, firecrackers, fuse Class (including fireworks) production; inherent risk level is B level; design production capacity is 90 (10,000 boxes/year); warehouse area is 14,348 (square meters); approved reserves are 246 (tons).

The floor plan of Jinyan Firework Factory. Photo by Liu Zhongjun

  After receiving the report, the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department quickly dispatched the Deyang Emergency Bureau and Fire Rescue Detachment to request timely verification of the information, quickly evacuate the surrounding people, and carry out the rescue in a scientific and safe manner. Duan Yijun, secretary of the party committee and director of the Sichuan Emergency Management Department, immediately led the working group to the scene to guide the rescue.

  Chai Chang, the person in charge of Jinyan Fireworks Co., Ltd., said that the company had taken a high temperature holiday on June 28, and the factory was in a state of suspension of production. Only three people were on duty. At about 21:00 on the 8th, the workers found that the raw material warehouse was on fire. At the beginning, the fire was not very large, with an area of ​​about 100 square meters, but there were nitrocellulose, charcoal powder, etc. in the warehouse, which was flammable and explosive. The worker found that the situation was not good and immediately Call the police and evacuate. "After the fire rescue personnel arrived, they determined a rescue strategy, and evacuated all personnel to a place 400 meters away, and waited for the disposal after the explosion. Then the workers and surrounding people were evacuated to a safe zone." Chai Chang said, sure that no more After the explosion, the fire rescue personnel began to put out the fire. Chai Chang also said that the fire may be an explosion caused by the dampness of the raw materials, and the specific reason remains to be investigated.

A large number of rescue vehicles arrived at the scene. Photo by Liu Zhongjun

  At 22:26 on the 8th, two explosions occurred on the scene, causing two firefighters on the scene to be injured. The injured firefighters have been sent to Guanghan People's Hospital for treatment.

  It is understood that after the accident, the Deyang City Fire Rescue Detachment has dispatched 104 firefighters from 10 fire rescue stations to the scene for disposal. By 1:15 am on the 9th, 82 firefighters from Chengdu and Mianyang Fire Rescue Brigade mobilized by Sichuan Fire Rescue Corps arrived at the scene of the accident. They also carried a generator car, a remote water supply system, fire fighting tanks and water. Cannon and 23 tons of foam fire extinguishing agent. (Finish)