Kanye West thinks he had the corona virus in February. The rapper did not get tested at the time, but tells Forbes that he was seriously ill.

"Chills, shaking in bed, very hot showers and watching videos telling me how to get rid of it," the brand new presidential candidate sums up his corona period.

"I remember someone telling me that Drake had the coronavirus and my response was that he absolutely couldn't be sicker than me," said West, laughing.

The rapper thinks people should stop doing things that upset God and then a cure for corona will be discovered. West does not like a vaccination.

"When they say they will treat COVID with a vaccine, I become very careful. With that you mark an animal. They want to plant chips in us, they want everything with us so that we will never reach heaven. If I" they " say, I mean the people who have the devil in them. If we don't do that, a lot of us will never reach heaven, we have to avoid that. "