China News Service Client, Beijing, July 8 (Reporter Zhang Ni) On the afternoon of the 8th, with the end of the 2020 college entrance examination for foreign language subjects, more than half of the provinces in the country ended the college entrance examination.

  The test held under the new crown pneumonia epidemic left us with too many deep impressions, and it is destined to become a precious memory for this class of candidates!

On July 7, the candidates walked out of the examination room. Photo by Jing Weidong

Finally finished the exam! 18 provinces end 2020 college entrance examination

  At 17:00 on the 8th, with the ringing of the end of the exam ringing, the 2020 college entrance examination in 18 provinces, including Fujian, Shanxi and Jilin, officially ended.

  Due to different test schedules, some college entrance exams will be completed on September 9 and 10.

  Of these, eight provinces in Liaoning, Tibet, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Jiangxi will end all exams on the 9th.

  The five provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Hainan and Shandong will end the exam on the 10th.

  In addition, due to flooding in the Shexian test area in Anhui province, the 7th college entrance examination did not start as scheduled. After comprehensive research and judgment, the report was approved by the Ministry of Education. Subject) subject examinations.

On July 7, the candidates walked out of the examination room of the 26th Middle School in Xi'an. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuanshe

When the epidemic situation meets the college entrance examination, this candidate is too difficult!

  The number of applicants has increased by 400,000 compared with last year, long-term home review, postponement of college entrance examinations, frequent flooding...

  When the most important exam in life met the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, a series of challenges followed, and many netizens lamented: this test is too difficult!

  Since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, the largest organized collective activity in the country, this year's national college entrance examination has left many unforgettable special "shots."

On July 7, candidates in Yichang, Hubei entered the examination room in an orderly temperature measurement. Photo by Jing Weidong

——Masks and “one-meter noodles” inside and outside the examination room

  Under the epidemic, masks became the new "standard" for the national college entrance examination in 2020.

  According to the official "10 Key Measures for Preventing Epidemic Diseases in the 2020 College Entrance Examination", even candidates in low-risk areas should wear masks before entering the examination room, and candidates in isolation and high-risk areas should wear masks throughout the journey.

  In the past two days, despite the hot summer days, 10.71 million candidates still strictly abide by the regulations for measuring body temperature and wearing masks.

  In addition to masks, the "one-meter line" setting inside and outside the test room also gave this year's college entrance examination a little more "distance".

  There is a "Parent Waiting Area" outside the test room, parents send the test "in the air", the distance between the front and back of the desk in the test room is more than 1 meter... under the epidemic situation, there is less crowding outside the test room, but the same is the warmth of sending the test .

A staff member killed the examination room. Photo by Gao Ruifeng

——Special composition proposition

  In the college entrance examination in a special year, the "epidemic situation" also appeared in the composition test questions.

  In the National New College Entrance Examination Paper Ⅰ, it is required to write an essay on the theme of "Distance and Connection in Epidemic Situation".

  The micro-writing in the Beijing volume appears in the form of "three choose one". One of the topics is to write a poem or a lyrical text for the courier brother during the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  The topic of the Tianjin volume is centered around the "Chinese face", requiring candidates to go through the spring of 2020 and write an article on what new thinking and perceptions of the "Chinese face".

  Over the past six months, the senior three candidates have witnessed the whole country's anti-epidemic process, experienced online teaching, postponed college entrance examination, how deeply impressed by the epidemic situation will eventually appear in the answer sheet.

On July 8th, in Xianning, Hubei, candidates were trapped due to heavy rain, and firefighting was sent to Xianning, Hubei for firefighting.

——The hardship under high temperature and flood

  As the national college entrance examination held in July for the first time since 2003, this year, candidates in some areas have also faced challenges brought about by extreme weather.

  On the first day of the college entrance examination, She County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province suffered a flood disaster that occurred once in 50 years. Many floods in the county town were on the road, severe water accumulation, and roads were blocked, resulting in the language and mathematics subjects originally scheduled for July 7 in the examination area of ​​She County. The examination was postponed.

The picture shows that after the floods receded, the merchants in the county of Shexian County were cleaning up the debris. Photo by Zhang Yazi

  On the 8th, waterlogging caused by heavy rain also occurred in many places in Hubei, causing some candidates to hurry to take the test. More than 500 college entrance examination students were trapped in Huaning High School in Huangmei County alone.

  In the face of emergencies, public security organs, emergency rescue departments, etc. also acted quickly. Large forklifts, fire trucks, rubber boats, bathtubs... These have become the "catch the test car" for the transfer candidates, only for them to reach the test room smoothly.

  In Hainan, during the college entrance examination, high-temperature weather above 37°C occurred in some areas, and candidates encountered the college entrance examination becoming "high grilled."

  Weibo users can't help but sigh: The college entrance examination in 2020 is really a historic one!

  The road to rushing to take the test under the flood and high temperature is destined to become an unforgettable memory for this class of candidates.

On July 7, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the first test ended and a candidate embraced the teacher who sent the test. China News Agency reporter Wang Leishe

The time of the multi-point check has been announced

  In some provinces, the college entrance examination came to an end, but the follow-up work is still not over. The most important thing for candidates and parents is to check the time for scores and releases.

  According to incomplete statistics, as of the afternoon of the 8th, many provinces, including Beijing, Shandong, Hubei, Jilin, Qinghai, Hunan, and Gansu, have announced the time for inquiries about college entrance examination results, most of which are scheduled for the second half of this month.

  Among them, Hubei and Gansu college entrance examination results are expected to be released to candidates on July 23. The results of Qinghai and Beijing will be announced on July 25th.

  This year's Jilin College Entrance Examination will be held after the exam, which is expected to end before July 26. The college entrance examination scores and admission scores will be announced.

  The work of Shandong College Entrance Examination will begin on July 11 and end on July 25. The results of the college entrance examination will be announced at 17:00 on July 26.

  Hunan will set the 2020 admission control score line by July 25, and then announce the candidates' scores and admission control score line.

  In addition, all regions have also made clear the time for voluntary reporting.

  For example, the time for candidates in Hunan to report their volunteers is as follows: the undergraduate approval of volunteers (including the national special plan for the batch) will be reported from July 26 to 27, and the other batch of volunteers will be reported from July 26 to August 1.

  The Gansu College Entrance Examination volunteer application is divided into two times. The first volunteer application time is: July 25th 20:00 to 27th 20:00; the second volunteer application time is: September 4th 20:00 to 6th 14 :00.

  What is your college entrance examination volunteer? Did it finally happen? (Finish)