Prenatal education music can develop creativity, and specific frequency sound waves can improve immunity?
  These celebrity "sounds" are pseudo-science like fake ones

  Alpha sound waves stimulate the hippocampus, which can improve memory; delta sound waves can quickly fall asleep within 30 seconds; sound waves of a specific frequency can improve immunity...

  Opening a short video software, many of these short videos popped up, and video bloggers talked a lot, making people have to believe. The reporter personally experienced it and listened to the sound played in the video without any special feeling. In the comment area, some netizens said that listening to specific sounds can improve their brains. These sound waves cannot be so magical; others said that these claims are based on; there are many people who play music as prenatal education during pregnancy. important content.

  So what is the connection between the brain and the external sound waves? After a certain age, can we not hear some sound waves? The reporter interviewed Dr. Yang Yuankui, a key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Southeast University, Learning Science Research Center, and Child Development and Learning Science.

  Myth: Prenatal education music can develop children's innovative ability

  Truth: There is no innovation center in the brain, it is better to listen to Dad’s voice

  In daily life, we often see some expectant mothers and fathers who like to use music for prenatal education. For this, Yang Yuankui told Sci-tech Daily that in the last few months of pregnancy, children can hear outside voices, but if music is used for prenatal education Because music has a large number of mid- and high-frequency sound waves, when children penetrate the amniotic fluid to reach the inside of the uterus, the child actually hears noise. Therefore, using music to perform prenatal education on children is ineffective, and may even have a negative effect. The father's voice is relatively low, and it is easier for the child to recognize after penetrating the amniotic fluid, so the father talks to the child more is an effective prenatal education method.

  After the child is born, it is very important for the training and development of the brain.

  "Think carefully, the child can learn to speak in just about a year after birth. At the age of one and a half, he can even start talking to his parents and then enter the first rebellious period of his life. It shows that the human brain has a very strong Learning ability." Yang Yuankui said.

  Scientists divide the development of human intelligence into many kinds from the perspective of brain science, but there is no strict first-level and second-level boundary between these capabilities, only some capabilities are developed earlier and some are developed later; Some have developed relatively fast, and some have developed relatively slowly. The most important ability is the ability to make decisions and innovate in a personalized, different context and for different goals.

  Yang Yuankui believes that the biggest difference between people lies in the difference in decision-making ability, because the decision-making network of the human brain is different, and the better decision-making and innovation ability is a combination of many abilities, which is not achieved overnight.

  Nowadays, many schools focus on cultivating children's innovative ability, so is there any specific method to stimulate the brain to make children's innovative ability stronger? In fact, the development of individual innovation ability is a long-term process, which is influenced by many factors innate and acquired. At least the scientific community has not yet found a simple, safe and suitable method.

  There is no so-called "innovation center" in the human brain, and human innovation ability depends on the collaborative working ability of the whole brain network. For those who are good at innovation, their whole brain network is more optimized and the connection is more extensive. The overall efficiency of the brain is more efficient than others. It takes less time and consumes less energy to solve the same problem.

  The human brain can be divided into 6 functional networks. The main ones related to innovation are the executive control network, the default network, and the highlight network. The default network is responsible for the generation of innovative thinking, and the executive control network is responsible for the evaluation of innovative thinking. Research shows that the cognitive process of innovation requires the cooperation of the default network and the executive control network, and highlights that the network plays a very important two-way regulation role in this.

  Myth: Sound improves immunity, and non-destructive music must be nice

  The truth: high-frequency sound waves are harmful, long-term hearing or damage to children's hearing

  Yang Yuankui said that using sound to improve immunity is a typical pseudoscience, and some sounds are not only not good for health, but even harmful.

  For example, when someone hears the sound of scraping an enamel bowl, it is very crazy and irritable, because the upper frequency of these sounds is too high, which is harmful to the brain.

  Scientists have discovered an interesting phenomenon in their research. Sounds of certain wavelengths can only be heard by adolescent children, and people who are earlier or later than this period cannot hear them.

  "Human hearing ranges from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but after puberty, most people cannot hear sounds above 16000 Hz." Yang Yuankui explained that because there are very few sounds above 16000 Hz in nature, based on With the principle of "advance and retreat", the human brain naturally gave up this part of the function.

  There are many music products downloaded or sold on the Internet, some claim to be lossless music, and the lossless music actually retains the sound above 16000 Hz. For most people, it can’t be heard at all unless it is specially trained in music or born. People with "gold ears".

  Yang Yuankui told reporters that some special instruments can produce sounds above 16000 Hz, so some people working in music can retain this ability after training. In addition, some mobile phone ringtones above 16000 Hz were particularly popular among middle school students, because only they can hear it, but teachers and parents cannot hear it.

  However, Yang Yuankui does not recommend listening to such high-frequency sounds for a long time. "Because sound waves have a negative regulating effect on the brain, the higher the frequency, the more concentrated the energy. Long-term listening to such sounds will damage the hearing of children."

  In addition, scientists have also found that many high-frequency sound receiving devices on the market in order to improve signal transmission performance, improve sound quality, and continuously increase the electromagnetic frequency, resulting in excessive energy, long-term wearing such devices may be harmful to the human body.

  Yang Yuankui explained: "Electromagnetic waves have a certain skin depth, and electromagnetic waves of the same frequency penetrate different materials differently. If some audio equipment is used close to the body, low-frequency electromagnetic waves cannot enter deeper places under the skin, only It can accumulate on the skin surface or in shallow layers, and it is easy to form thermal effects; and the high-frequency electromagnetic waves harm the human body mainly due to chemical effects."

  Further reading

  White noise hypnosis: scientifically based, but not effective for everyone

  Due to the increased nightlife of urban people, the phenomenon of overtime staying up late, and the increase in work and life pressure, there are more and more people who suffer from insomnia. Statistics from a domestic e-commerce platform show that from January to August 2019, people from the 90s purchase imported sleep aid The increase in category goods was 118%.

  Compared with oral health drugs and other methods to help sleep, listening to the Alpha sound wave fast sleep, because it does not involve the side effects of drugs, it is very eye-catching.

  "This is based on science, but it is not effective for everyone. It requires the parties to adjust their mentality before going to bed." Yang Yuankui said that the frequency of Alpha sound waves is 8-13 Hz, which is just the frequency of human brain waves. Relaxing the rhythm, so to some extent, it may indeed help many people relax their emotions and help fall asleep.

  Some people call the alpha sound wave "white noise". The sounds of rain and running water that we often hear in our lives belong to this type. There are also special "white noise" downloads on major music platforms.

  However, there is no universal standard for how long to listen to the "white noise" before going to sleep. "This is related to the psychological state of the person, that is, whether the person's attention can slowly start to concentrate when listening, if you repeatedly recall the work during the day. Things will definitely cause insomnia." Yang Yuankui suggested that you can do mindfulness meditation before going to bed, such as throwing away distracting thoughts, focusing on breathing and breathing, so that people can relax quickly, and the brain will relax. Can relieve stress and help sleep better.

  "Concentrating your thoughts on what you are doing is also called paying attention to the moment." Yang Yuankui said that this method can not only help sleep, but also relieve stress and reduce anxiety. After training adults, it is also very good for improving attention and memory. helpful.