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Bella Hadid is very angry with Instagram and the top did not hesitate to ask for accounts from the network owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In question, a story that was censored by the network, highlighting a non-compliance with the rules of the site. In this post, you could see his father's American passport with the caption: "My baba and his birthplace Palestine".

In fact, Bella Hadid questioned the network as dry, as Elle relayed . "Instagram, what exactly part of the pride I have in my father's birthplace, Palestine, is" harassment, aggression, graphic content or nudity "? She asked in another story displaying the network message telling her that her post had been deleted. It could indeed be read there that the post had been censored because it was reported as "harassment or assault" and that the site wanted their "community to be respected and safe". And Bella Hadid added, "Aren't we allowed to be Palestinians on Instagram? For me, this is an assault. You cannot erase history by silencing people. It does not work like that. "

Really come back

In another story, Bella Hadid then asked Instagram if the platform wanted her "father to change his place of birth on his passport" by posting a photo of the ID again. Finally, still with the same ID, Bella Hadid concluded: “I am proud to be Palestinian. Everyone should post where their father and mother were born today! Remind them how proud you are where you come from !!! "

An initiative followed in particular by her sister Gigi Hadid, who is pregnant with her first child. Instagram did not respond to Bella Hadid, but the latest posts with her father's passport were not deleted from the social network.


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