The elderly "Umm Sana" (Egyptian - 61 years old) faces difficult living conditions, after her daughter and her only breadwinner lost her job three months ago, due to the consequences of the pandemic "Corona", and her inability to pay 31,000 dirhams of rental arrears from the studio where she lives, The lessor opened a complaint against her daughter under the check issued to him in exchange for the rent, which made her threatened with entering the prison and losing her future.

The mother told her story to «Emirates Today», saying: “I am a divorced woman since 2005, and I have two divorced daughters, who are now 39 and 35 years old, unmarried, I took care of their upbringing, education, and spending on them alone, after their father refused to spend on them, and married him to another.”

She added, "I struggled patiently and with determination, as I was paid a salary from my work as a teacher in my country, where I was able to manage the living expenses and face the hardships of life until they finished their university education."

“After my retirement from work, my eldest daughter decided to travel to the Emirates and search for work to help me and help her little sister to live. She had already traveled in 2008, and I got work, until she invited me to come and live with her, and I wanted to be next to her, especially as I retired from work".

"I worked in private schools in the country, but I did not continue because of my old age and my illness, and my eldest daughter was the sole provider for living expenses," Umm Sanaa added.

She pointed out that the financial matters worsened with them during the past months, after her daughter lost her job that he was relying on for spending, because the corporation she works for was affected by the repercussions of the pandemic "Corona", which made them in trouble.

She explained that the problem she is currently facing is that her daughter is threatened with entering the prison pending a rent check of 31,000 dirhams, as the lessor refused patience so that my daughter could search for another job and collect the amount, and opened a complaint in the prosecution against her.

And "Umm Sana" expressed her fear of losing her daughter's future after all her hard work for her and her sister.

And she continued: "We knocked on many doors to no avail, as my daughter has seriously sought since last March to find alternative work, to be able to pay the accumulated rental arrears on our shoulders," appealing to the people of good and benefactors to help her to pay the housing fare, and to save her daughter from entering the prison.

• “Umm Sana”: I worked in private schools and did not continue due to my old age.