China News Agency, Guangzhou, July 7 Question: Ten million students start their dreams of college entrance examination in a fair start without delay

  China News Agency reporter Cheng Jingwei

  Early in the morning on the 7th, candidates came to the examination center of Nanwu Middle School in Guangzhou one after another. They wore masks and kept a certain distance. After temperature measurement and hand washing and disinfection, they entered the examination room for the college entrance examination in an orderly manner.

  At the entrance of the test site, many parents who sent the test wear red cheongsams, held up signs such as "flag to win" and "higher entrance exam", or hug and high-five with their children to show encouragement.

  On the same day, after the postponement of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic for one month, the National College Entrance Examination kicked off in 2020, and more than 10 million students stepped into the examination room to accept a "big test" in their lives and chase their dreams on the fair start line. This is also the 17th year after the Chinese college entrance examination returned to the 7th July. In the 17 years from 2003 to 2019, the college entrance examination test day has been June 7.

  Before entering the school, Lai classmates in Grade 4 of the Senior High School of Lingnan Painting School in Guangzhou were stopped by the teacher and given a "lucky red rope", which made him very happy. "I will treat it as usual, and of course I hope to be admitted to an undergraduate university." Lai said. In his eyes, the college entrance examination is postponed, but the dream will not be delayed.

  Affected by the epidemic, Lai had been online at home for a month or two. He told reporters that there is still a gap between the online learning effect and the school classroom. It was not until the formal resumption of classes at the end of April this year that his learning status gradually adjusted to improve.

  The special year of epidemic prevention and control is the biggest difference between China's college entrance examination in 2020 and previous years. After the epidemic occurred, the start of school in various parts of China was postponed and senior high school students were assigned to study at home, and students' review preparations were generally affected.

  "Due to the differences in urban and rural online learning conditions, some rural and poor students are more affected by the preparation for the review." Wang Hui, director of the college student department of the Ministry of Education of China, previously said that the basic value orientation of the college entrance examination is to ensure fairness and justice and postpone a Held every month, students can have more time to concentrate on studying in school according to the teaching plan, thus ensuring maximum education equity.

  In this regard, Yu Yueping, a teacher at the Memorial School of Lingnan Painting School in Guangzhou, believes that the one-month extension of the college entrance examination provides more time for students to prepare for the exam, especially for students with weak self-discipline, who rely more on effective learning in the school classroom . "Of course, some students have higher psychological expectations and more pressure."

  A total of 674,000 students from Guangdong participated in the college entrance examination. Officials from Guangdong have proposed to work hard to ensure the safety, order, fairness and justice of the college entrance examination. Among them, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the examination room, strengthen the air defense technical defense, strictly review the household registration and school registration, and strictly prevent the leakage of confidential information, cheating in the examination room, and acting for the examination.

  Police in many places in Guangdong took measures to escort the college entrance examination. The Foshan Police stated that it conducts round-the-clock inspections on key online sites such as the forums involved in the examinations, promptly discovers and disposes of illegal and harmful information such as test examinations, substitute examinations, selling cheating equipment, and selling test answers, and severely cracks down on online rumors related to the college entrance examination and resolutely achieves "integrity" College entrance examination".

  The reporter learned from the Guangzhou police that during the college entrance examination, the Guangzhou police started three levels of service and set up security service stations at 56 test sites in the city; the city's traffic police department enabled drone cruise monitoring, and used air guidance and ground-air linkage to intuitively grasp the surroundings of key roads. Holographic road conditions ensure smooth and orderly traffic.

  In addition, the Guangzhou police fully utilizes the advantages of big data to provide information verification services for the background information and health status of candidates, examiners, and the like for the education and health departments; assists the education and health departments to conduct a survey on the health data of the city's candidates and examiners Screening to ensure timely detection, rapid disposal, and precise control. (Finish)