China News Agency, Wuhan, July 7 Question: Special College Entrance Examination: Wuhan Candidates Going for the Test with Fast Winds and Rain, Calm and Calm

  China News Agency reporter Zhang Qin

  Wuhan's 59,000 high school students ushered in the college entrance examination with national candidates on the 7th. This year's college entrance examination is particularly special. For Wuhan candidates who once witnessed the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic and were once "closing the city", the postponed college entrance examination again encountered the rainy season, and the hurricane and rain added more tests to the road to rush.

  At 6 o'clock in the morning on the 7th, the rainstorm that came to a short break at night "returned". Two hours before the start of the first test, candidates and parents have already arrived before the test center of Wuhan Donghu Middle School. After the examination permit and temperature test, the candidates entered the rain shelter and waited.

  Wei Lai, a senior high school student in Fruit Lake Middle School, came to the test site early to recall the preparation time for the past few months. She believes that from book classrooms to online learning, self-discipline and autonomous learning are the biggest challenges to herself. "Despite the epidemic, everyone is the same, as long as you are fully prepared, it is fair to every candidate." She said.

  At 7 a.m. on the same day, the water level at the Hankou Station on the Yangtze River reached the 27.30-meter warning line, and rainfall continued in the urban area of ​​Wuhan. The water staff of the water-stained roads near 58 test sites in Wuhan have already been waiting for them. At the entrance of Donghu Middle School, more than 10 traffic policemen maintained the traffic order around the test site. A warning sign erected at the entrance of the school reminds parents to keep their distance and not to gather.

  In order to ensure the health and safety of the candidates, the Wuhan Fire Department has conducted in-depth examinations on the eve of the college entrance examination and eliminated all the examination rooms and public health areas. Wuhan also uniformly provides special masks for candidates across the city. All test sites are equipped with rain shelters, and dry towels and paper towels are provided for candidates to wipe off the rain on their clothes after entering the test room to keep the desktop dry and tidy.

  Outside the gate of Donghu Middle School, Yang Yang, a language teacher in Wuhan Donghu Experimental Training School, was waiting outside the examination room. Every time he sees his students, Yang Yang will come forward and hug gently, cheering, and check the student stationery bags one by one, telling everyone to adjust their minds.

  After the resumption of the third grade in Wuhan on May 6, Yang Yang and the students experienced a closed sprint. "Almost all of them will be by their side," Yang Yang said. After experiencing the epidemic, many students seem to be sensible, and they will actively pay attention to society and current affairs.

  In her view, although the epidemic changed the established rhythm of preparing for the college entrance examination, the postponement of the college entrance examination is also one month more preparation time for them. Most people can deal with this exam more calmly.

  At 8:30, the rain in Wuhan was getting stronger, and most of the candidates had entered the examination room. Outside the school gate, the parents who sent the exam gradually spread out, sheltering from rain in the eaves of the nearby shops or the subway station. Zong Fang, the parent of the cheongsam and the red special mask printed with the words "Must pass every exam, the title of the gold list", greeted several other parents to take a photo outside the school entrance.

  "Most of this year's children were born during the "SARS" period, and this year a new coronary pneumonia epidemic broke out. The university entrance exam also encountered heavy rain on the day. . (Finish)