Television chef Rudolph van Veen (53) is getting married to Simone van den Berg, with whom he has been together for nineteen years.

According to 45-year-old Van den Berg, it was love at first sight when the two met when an item for Life & Cooking had to be turned.

"I was on the phone when Rudolph came in," she says in Beau Monde. "We looked at each other and it was 'bam'. I asked my neighbor who was the man who was talking all the time." Carlo and Irene's cook, "she said. When I heard he was on television , I thought: never mind. "

The two met a few times and eventually Van Veen asked his future wife out. "After twenty years, Rudolph still keeps the door open for me. He is loving, romantic and caring. He says every day that I look radiant."

The couple actually wanted to get married next year, but because of the coronavirus, they will continue in 2022 for the time being. "I cut out a picture twenty years ago and always saved it," says Van den Berg. "Since Rudolph asked me, this clip has been on the bulletin board. I'm not going to say anything about it except it's a princess dress."