[Same period] Xinjiang cotton brother Zhang Hongyuan

  My hometown is Damei Xinjiang, which was once a desolate Gobi.

  [Commentary] Zhang Hongyuan, a farmer in Shandanhu Village, Manas Town, Manas County, Xinjiang, has loved music since he was a child. However, due to limited family conditions, he could not realize his dream of music. He had to bury this hobby deeply in his heart. At the end of 2019, Zhang Hongyuan accidentally found a set of discarded drums on the roadside. After taking it home, he cleaned it, bought drum heads and accessories online, and made two sticks with wooden sticks. Took his own path to music.

  [Commentary] Worrying about the loudness of the drum kit and disturbing the people, he moved the drum kit into the basement, purchased the drum kit tutorial from the Internet, and started to learn from the net teacher. According to the net teacher plan, it originally took one year In order to finish it, however, he completed the whole year's courses in just over a month.

  [Commentary] In April 2020, Zhang Hongyuan entered the spring sowing in his own cotton field. He felt that his opportunity to "show his talents" came. He simply put the drum on the ground in front of the house. At that time, I often sent my works to the Internet for "show". At the beginning, I was worried that my drumming would be ridiculed. I didn't expect that after the video was sent out, it would be recognized by many netizens.

  [Same period] Xinjiang Cotton Brother Zhang Hongyuan

  I loved music when I was young, but we wouldn’t have that condition and we wouldn’t be able to play it. It’s all about life and livelihood. There is no time and no chance. Now that I have this opportunity and this condition, I just want to say that I will round my previous dream for the rest of my life. I have about a hundred songs now. The songs I sing are all of the same kind. They are more energetic, that is, positive.

  [Commentary] The 50-year-old "Xinjiang Cotton Brother" is playing drums in his own cotton field, while the video of Xinjiang is enjoying great popularity on the Internet. The number of fans has increased from a few hundred to 26,000, and the number of broadcasts has increased from more than 1,000 to Millions. A band of one person sings the desire of the peasants of the new era for a better life and the love of hometown.

  [Commentary] Zhang Hongyuan recalled that in the past, it was very hard for a man to manage ten acres of cotton land. He often had no time to eat a day, let alone his hobby. Nowadays, Zhang Hongyuan's 200 acres of cotton fields are all managed by mechanization, drone spraying medicine, and mechanized cotton harvesting. Zhang Hongyuan has transformed into a new era of farmers, and only then has time to chase his dream.

  [Commentary] When Zhang Hongyuan writes and sings, his wife Zhang Xiaoqin will always be with him and find inspiration with him. Zhang Xiaoqin said that the days are getting better and better. He should support his husband and his dreams when he is young.

  [Same period] Xinjiang Cotton Brother Zhang Hongyuan

  What you like, you can play freely and freely. You can record every bit of your life from the beginning to the present, you can record it on this network platform. I think it is a very happy thing now. We are now farmers in the new era. In our hope field, we should let go of our hands and feet and work harder. Use our hardworking hands to create our beautiful life.

  [Commentary] Zhang Hongyuan said that he will continue to sing and share the changes in his hometown and his feelings about life with everyone. He said that it is never too late to have a dream.

  [Same period] Xinjiang cotton brother Zhang Hongyuan

  I want to stand here and sing aloud, this is our lovely Xinjiang.

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