Matthias Schoenearts wanted to give his mother a house in Crete, but before he could afford that purchase, his mother died. That says the Belgian actor in an interview in Humo .

"My mother and I have traveled quite a bit in her last years. We have been together in Crete several times - she loved the island. There the plan was ripe to buy her a house on a mountain."

However, the mother of 42-year-old Schoenaerts died a few years ago, even though he had already planned how to surprise her.

"Now I finally lead a life of financial security, and I can give it to her, that house on that mountain - and it's goddamn late. It's in my head, it's on my mind: we're something go out for dinner, I say "Mama, I have to show you something," I blindfold her, and then we walk into the house. And I say, "Voilà. Yours and mine." That is no longer possible, that is so hard. She is fucking dead. "

Schoenaerts has already considered the option of becoming a father and thus passing on his mother's love: "I have a lot of love to give, yes. Too much, people sometimes tell me, because I am already with my head against the wall invested emotionally in people, in order to get nothing in return. And you know: that is not bad at all. "

Schoenaerts won high praise in 2011 and 2012 with his roles in films such as Bullhead and De rouille et d'os . In recent years, he has appeared in major Hollywood productions.