Maebashi serial robbery murder case Defendant “should avoid death penalty” Supreme Court July 7 17:11

Six years ago, the Supreme Court held a trial for the defendant who was sentenced to death in the first and second trials for killing two elderly people in Maebashi and robbing them of cash, and the defendant should avoid the death penalty. The prosecution demanded that the appeal be dismissed.

Unemployed Kazuya Tsuchiya (31) invaded a house in Maebashi City in 2014 and killed a 93-year-old woman, robbed him of cash, and one month later, killed an 81-year-old man. , He has been accused of murder-robbery and other crimes, as his wife was injured.

The Maebashi District Court of the first trial sentenced the death penalty to the court, saying that "the result of killing two people was a serious but deliberate crime, and the consequences of killing them were serious."

Defendant appealed and in an argument held in the Supreme Court on the 7th, the defendant's lawyer said, ``I was invading a house for the purpose of money and the killing was not the original purpose, the impact of personality disorder on the crime In the light of the death penalty standards, they should be sentenced to life imprisonment," he said.

On the other hand, the prosecution demanded that the petition be rejected and the death sentence be handed down, saying, "The responsibility of carrying out the murder-robbery with negligence on human life twice is so serious that the death penalty is unavoidable."