Emmanuel Macron congratulated the bac graduates via a popular social network for young people. - AFP

Emmanuel Macron used the social network TikTok for the first time on Tuesday to congratulate the new graduates after an "extraordinary" year, in a short video in one hour already collected 52,000 "likes" and earned him 103,000 subscribers. "If you have just graduated from high school, this message is for you, first of all to say congratulations, congratulations, it is the fruit of your work," said the head of state, filmed standing in the Elysée gardens, a few hours after the publication of the results of the examination.

Bac results

"But you are this generation that is sometimes called the world after," he continues, using the expression he has used since confinement. "You lived an extraordinary year, that of the epidemic, weeks and weeks spent at home, where you were deprived of dating your friends and studying normally," he said to the high school students, whose tests on the table have been replaced by continuous monitoring.

U president adept of social networks

“Your generation has before it a world to invent, stronger, more united, more ecological. I will do everything, where I am, so that the government works, so that this world is better and that these foundations are found there ”. "But it is not I who will decide your future, it will be you. So enjoy today, celebrate the baccalaureate and after, good luck, ”he concludes.

Emmanuel Macron is used to communicating on social networks, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even the professional network Linkedin which he used to address SMEs. Within an hour, he was already followed on TikTok by 16,000 subscribers.


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