The Wadi Al-Amradi area in Dubai about twenty years ago was a desert area located outside the outskirts of the urban urban area of ​​the city, and was a popular destination for UAE youth who love to camp, amateurs of “escalation” and driving four-wheel drive cars, due to the presence of vast areas of sand dunes in it, but they are Today it is not, today it is a title of challenge, achievement and ambition, and a title of the scientific and civilization renaissance of the Emirates.

From the middle of this region that was nothing but a barren desert, specifically from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in "Al Khawaneej", the UAE youth will fully control the probe of hope that will be launched to Mars after a week from today, and they will monitor everything and guide it in every moment, day and night. And, for a full six months, after they take over, control is completely transferred to “Khawaneej” just one hour after the missile launches into space from Japan.

The probe of hope is an Arab achievement, and it is a bright white point in modern Arab history, which is (unfortunately) filled with black points, and it is the Arab dream for thousands of geniuses, geniuses and bright Arab minds, which chose science as a path of renaissance and growth, so it was never surprising that 11,000 young men and women from Various parts of the great Arab world have a strong desire to join the Emirates Space Program, as the Emirates are the scientific incubator for Arabs, and it is the nucleus around which a collective Arab mind will form, innovating, inventing and penetrating the sky in its way to space.

It is the probe of Arab hope, the Arab dream, and Arab development. A probe that puts Arabs on par with only nine major countries, which have projects to explore Mars, designed by Arab Emirati youth, controlled by Arab Emirati youth, and will be launched into space after a descending dimension in the Arabic language, for the time The first in history, and since the rockets started flying into space, this has not happened before, this time the whole world will hear the Arabic numbers ... starting from ten .. until the rocket launches at the number .. zero ..!

A project that carries with it only success, although such projects usually carry a great risk, and the success rate is exactly the same as the failure rate, and each of them is 50%, however in the case of the Emirates, the success rate can be considered 100%, whatever happens, and whatever The results, reaching this stage in the hands of young men and women in the Emirates is an achievement, which is a complete success, and facing the challenges and difficulties of launch in the period of spread of the Corona virus is an achievement, which is a complete success, and the completion of the design, manufacture and equipping of the probe is a complete achievement and success, and building competencies and Emirati scientists is the achievement The real thing, and what will happen a week from now is to complete the success achieved, and to enter into new successes.

We are all proud of the leadership of our country that has planned and worked hard to build the Emirati person, and we are all proud of the young men and women of the Emirates who have reached the highest levels of science, and we are proud of our country that proves to the world on a daily basis that the impossible is a point of view, and our view here in the Emirates is that there is no impossible!

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