• Astronomy: a month to spot six comets in the sky

Discovered last March, Comet C / 2020 F3 , renamed NEOWISE by the telescope that saw it, is the third found in a year and the brightest to cross the night sky in the past seven. Luckily, it can be seen in Spain for several days this July . Of course, we will have to get up early.

Astronomy aficionados will be able to enjoy the NEOWISE comet just before sunrise . The comet can be seen on the horizon from approximately 4.30 in the morning.

To see the NEOWISE comet the best thing to do is to stand at a point with a clear horizon (it is low) and avoiding light pollution . Although it can be seen with the naked eye, the use of binoculars is recommended, as indicated by the Royal Astronomical Observatory of Madrid.

Neowise, the third comet discovered in the last year

Comets bearing the prefix "C /" in their name (like the three discovered this year: ATLAS (C / 2019 Y4), SWAN (C / 2020 F8) or NEOWISE (C / 2020 F3)) are not periodic. This implies that it is the first time they approach the Sun, which makes them light up quickly, reports Rafael Bachiller.

First it was the turn of Comet ATLAS (C / 2019 Y4). Towards the middle of March the comet began to break into pieces. But the fragmentation occurred while the star was very dim (magnitude 8) and could only be observed through telescopes. For its part, Comet SWAN promised a good show. However, it does not appear to increase in brightness as expected.

Therefore, all eyes are on the NEOWISE comet, which is expected to be the most spectacular since the legendary Hale-Bopp in 1997.

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