China News Client, Beijing, July 8 (Zhang Nilanglang) At 9 am on the 7th, with the test bell ringing, the 2020 national college entrance examination officially kicked off. After experiencing a series of impacts caused by the epidemic, 10.71 million students ushered in a key examination in life, and the college entrance examination in a special year will also become a special memory for a generation.

A waiting area for parents set up outside the examination center of the National People's Congress. China News reporter Zhang Nishe

In a special year, parents send the exam "in the air"

  At 7 o'clock in the morning, two hours before the exam, Xiaoxue, a candidate at Beijing 101 Middle School, had packed up and sat at the dining table. In front of him was a nutritious meal specially prepared by her father: sausage, boiled eggs, milk, yellow peach, Bread... But in the face of the upcoming exam, Xiao Xue is still a little nervous.

  Mother Wang Zizhen understands her daughter's mood, but she is confident in her daughter. She tells Xiao Xue to check in, check her seat, and master the exam time...

  In Wang Zizhen's view, despite the changes such as the epidemic situation and the postponement of the college entrance examination, after more than half a year of review, the child's condition is much better than he thought.

  In order to get a good look, before going out, Xiao Xue put on a red uniform to go to the exam according to the school's requirements. Mother also prepared a pair of red Nike sneakers. From head to toe, Xiao Xue's body was a big check except for the striking red.

  In the morning, with the encouragement of his parents, Xiaoxue entered the examination room calmly. On this day, like her, 10.71 million candidates across the country ushered in a big test in life.

  Data from the Ministry of Education shows that in 2020, the number of national college entrance examination registrations increased by 400,000 compared with last year. This is the third time that the number of college entrance examination registrations has broken 10 million after 10.2 million in 2009.

  Faced with the special college entrance examination held in the context of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the way parents send their exams has also changed.

  Outside many test sites in Beijing, the signs such as “Do not gather at a 1-meter interval” and “Keep the distance” are clearly visible, and the “Parent waiting area” and “testing area” are clearly divided.

  In order to reduce the number of people gathered, this year, many parents hurriedly left without taking too much time outside the test center, or walked across the road in the distance and silently "separated" to watch their children enter the test room.

  Although the way of sending exams is different, the importance that parents attach to the exams and the earnest expectations of their children have not diminished.

  Red clothes, cheongsam, sunflowers beside me... On this day, in the college entrance examination news pictures from all over the country, the parents are still the most eye-catching. The difference is that everyone has a mask on their face.

On July 7, Shanghai candidates entered the examination room. Photo by Zhang Hengwei

The strict prevention of epidemic prevention and control

  Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia, the largest organized collective activity in the country, the epidemic prevention work of this year's college entrance examination has also attracted much attention.

  It was also early in the morning on the 7th, and there were already staff members of the public security and urban management departments outside the examination center of the Affiliated High School of the National People's Congress to start preparation work.

  Less than 7 o'clock, the waiting area for candidates' parents has been isolated by roadblocks outside the test room. In order to avoid personnel gathering, each test room has a dedicated waiting area.

  This year, the comprehensive reform of the Beijing College Entrance Examination has been fully implemented, and the examination time has also been changed to 4 days. In addition, Beijing is under a secondary response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control, which adds to the difficulty of security work.

  "We have allocated no less than 8 police forces per test site, nearly doubling from last year, and we have 6700 police officers per day, including 2,391 real-name police forces around the test site." Detachment captain Mao Shoude revealed in an interview with a reporter from China News.

  In addition to Beijing, strengthening prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensuring the order of examinations are the top priorities this year.

  This year, more than 7,000 test sites and 400,000 test centers were set up across the country, and the number of invigilators and test personnel reached 945,000.

  In order to prevent and control the risk of the epidemic, as early as before the exam, all places have already carried out a comprehensive elimination of the examination room. At the same time, according to the requirements, there are body temperature monitoring points at the entrance of this year's college entrance examination site. All the people who enter the examination site will take body temperature measurements, and all candidates and examination staff whose body temperature is below 37.3℃ can enter the examination site.

  "We have come to the school to step on the point before the exam, and it is quite safe to see that the surrounding disinfection and environmental hygiene are done in place." A parent outside the examination center of the National People's Congress said this in an interview with a reporter.

The picture shows a Shanghai candidate preparing for the final review. Photo by Tang Yanjun

"Outbreak" became one of the key words in the exam

  On the first day of the college entrance examination, the most concerned topic is the Chinese essay.

  In 2020, there are 11 essay questions in the language papers of the college entrance examination, of which 5 are ordered by the examination center of the Ministry of Education, 1 each in Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces, and 2 in Beijing.

  In the college entrance examination in a special year, the keyword "epidemic situation" appeared in the examination questions without suspense.

  For example, in the National New College Entrance Examination Paper I, it is required to write an essay on the theme of "Distance and Contact in the Epidemic Situation".

  The micro-writing in the Beijing volume appears in the form of "three choose one". One of the topics is to write a poem or a lyrical text for the courier brother during the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

  In addition, the topic of the Tianjin volume is centered around the "Chinese face", requiring candidates to go through the spring of 2020 and write an article on what new thinking and perceptions of the "Chinese face".

  In addition to propositions, the composition of this year's composition is also very rich, speeches, speeches, host speeches, letters... There are many styles of application.

  Regarding the setting of test questions, the Ministry of Education Examination Center stated that the proposition grasps the pulse of the times, keeps pace with the spirit of the times, implements the fundamental task of establishing morality, strengthens the examination of applied writing skills, and guides contemporary young people to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate their national feelings, and broaden the international Vision, cultivate the fighting spirit.

Affected by continuous heavy rainfall, on July 7th, a large area of ​​waterlogging occurred in the urban area of ​​She County, Anhui Province, and some streets and villages were flooded. The water depth did not exceed the roof of the car. Photo courtesy of Shexian Rong Media Center

Challenges in extreme weather

  As the first national college entrance examination held in July since 2003, candidates this year will undoubtedly face more weather effects.

  On the first day of the college entrance examination, candidates in some areas also encountered challenges brought about by extreme weather.

  In the early morning of the 7th, She County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province encountered a flood disaster that occurred once in 50 years. Many floods in the county town were on the road, severe water accumulation, and roads were blocked, which led to the delay of the language and mathematics exams originally scheduled for July 7 in the She County test area Held.

  Subsequently, the She County Government website published "A Letter to Candidates and Parents of College Entrance Examinations". The letter stated that the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government attached great importance to it, and the main leaders of the Provincial Party Committee inspected the disaster situation and test sites on the spot in the county. After research and report to the Ministry of Education, the test area of ​​She County was originally scheduled to be postponed for the Japanese and Mathematics subjects on July 7th, and the comprehensive and foreign language subject tests will be held on July 8th. Candidates and parents will be notified in time for specific arrangements.

  In addition to flood disasters, candidates in some areas will also face high temperatures.

  Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau issued a high-temperature four-level early warning at 16:00 on the 7th: it is expected that 37°C will appear in most towns and villages in the eight cities and counties of Haikou, Lingao, Chengmai, Dingan, Danzhou, Tunchang, Changjiang and Baisha during the day on the 8th. High temperature weather above.

  For weather issues, the official has already prepared for this.

  The Ministry of Education has made special arrangements to fully prepare for the extreme weather and natural disasters that may occur during the exam.

  In response to the frequent occurrence of heavy rainfall, floods, and typhoons in some areas, the localities have also focused on refining special plans for responding to natural disasters, and organized emergency drills to ensure that they plan ahead and effectively handle them.

  The National College Entrance Examination in a special year is also a big exam for the protection and organizational capabilities of various departments. (Finish)