China Weather News today (8th) is the second day of the college entrance examination. It is expected that Beijing will turn into a cloudy day during the day, and there will be thunderstorms in the mountain area. The weather will be hotter, and candidates and parents should pay attention to heatstroke prevention. There will be an obvious precipitation process "online" starting from tonight. The maximum temperature will drop to 26℃ tomorrow, so the body feels more comfortable, but the public should pay attention to lightning protection and rain protection.

  Yesterday, accompanied by sunshine, the 2020 Beijing College Entrance Examination "Hot" opened, the highest temperature reached 35.4 ℃, feeling so hot.

This morning, Beijing is cloudy.

  Today during the day, Beijing is still sunny, with strong UV rays, and it will receive significant rainfall from night to tomorrow. It is expected that today will be sunny to cloudy during the day, thunderstorms in the mountainous areas, north to south winds 2 and 3, and the highest temperature is 33℃; at night, it will be cloudy and overcast, most areas have thunderstorms, south to north winds 1 and 2 and the minimum temperature is 22℃ .

  Tomorrow during the day, there will be light to moderate rain in Beijing, accompanied by lightning, turning northeast to the second and third levels, with a maximum temperature of 26°C. At night, there are scattered showers that change to overcast, with an easterly second to third level, and the minimum temperature is 20°C.

  During the day on the 10th, Beijing turned cloudy and thundery showers, and east turned south winds two or three rooms at level 4, with a maximum temperature of 28°C. At night, there were cloudy thunderstorms turned cloudy, and south turned east winds one or two, with a minimum temperature of 22°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that in the next three days of the college entrance examination, thunderstorms were frequent in Beijing, and the temperature dropped a bit tomorrow. However, candidates and parents are advised to pay attention to the upcoming forecast, reasonably arrange travel, pay attention to lightning protection and rain, and pay attention to traffic safety on the way to the exam.