He added in statements to the (7/7/2020) episode of the "opposite direction" program that dealing with Corona was based on a political rather than medical basis, which led to the catastrophic results that the world suffers from today, and the governments have pushed to open everything without any restrictions .

He added that the preventive measures that were taken in many countries are incorrect, indicating in this context a high mortality rate among doctors, and they are supposed to be the most anxious people to prevent, questioning all the statistics and reports related to Corona, and accusing some organizations and agencies of working To bankrupt citizens by scaring them in Corona.

In contrast, Ibrahim Hamami, a family medicine and primary health care specialist, said that a true Corona epidemic has affected nearly 12 million people around the world, and killed more than half a million others, stressing that the state’s closure measures were 100% correct, because no one was Be aware of the procedures for dealing with the virus.

He added that all the countries that reopened after the closure emphasize the introduction of all measures of social separation, after understanding the nature of the virus, in addition to the countries that eased the procedures without taking precautions, have now started with the second wave of closure, and this will affect them economically and healthily.

He added that the figures do not lie, and they are caused by deaths and others who were infected with the virus and subjected to examination and treatment, excluding the hypothesis of the conspiracy by spreading Corona with the aim of harming the world economy.

Hamami stressed that the consequences that emerged due to the closure were expected, calling on people to abide by all measures imposed by the health authorities.