Kim Do-gyun recalled his past lover.

SBS'Burning Youth' (hereinafter'Bulcheong'), broadcasted on the 7th, recalled the relationship between Kim Do-gyun and the reason why he could not eat duck meat.

On this day's broadcast, Bruno asked Kim Do-kyun, "Did you say that you're an Irish brother from your older brother? Is there a problem with the relationship due to cultural differences?"

"It wasn't a big deal," Kim Do-gyun said.

In the past video, Kim Do-gyun said, "I was impressed to see the ducklings'follow me' when an Irish girlfriend went along with Cheongpyeong in the past." I broke up."

Kim Do-gyun expressed tears, saying, "In the end, it was a situation that could not be met." 

(SBS funE reporter Jisoo Kim)