“Your publication” (7/7/22020) I followed the interactions of social media with the deleted tweet of Abd al-Khaliq Abdullah.

In light of the confusion caused by targeting sites inside the military base of the National Accord Government in the west of the country, Abd al-Khaleq Abdullah Taghreed recounted news about targeting the base, commenting: “The UAE has taught Turkey the lesson it deserves on behalf of all honorable Arabs”, but it is soon that He deleted his tweet after raising a controversy.

The tweet sparked wide reactions, among them the activist Zaid Al-Hassan's comment on Abd Al-Khalek Abdullah's tweet, saying: “The UAE taught Turkey a lesson, then two Sahih Shoy said: No, God did not teach it, and cleared the tweet.”

As for the chosen journalist, Ghamid, he said: "Why did this advisor delete his tweet after announcing that the UAE had declared war on # Libya and Tripoli in the bombing of the state ?! Is he afraid to implicate his country ?! Praise be to God, who always revealed you."

As for the activist Mahmoud Wali, he said: "France denied its responsibility for the national attack is logical and credible, and mostly it is the Emirates, and Russia has a weak possibility. The important thing now is the extent of the damage caused by the raid. Did the systems really be destroyed completely or did some damage? If as it is said The attack was done with one plane, and the damage was mostly partial. "

While the activist Ahmad Babkara tweeted, "In an atmosphere of further ambiguity about the party that bombed the Al-Wattia air base, it seemed unclear what the military situation is now in Libya, especially since Al-Wefaq forces have been standing on the doorsteps of Sirte Western a month ago with little progress. So, did Russia intervene to restore the Syrian scenario in Libya ?!

While a military media spokesman tweeted of the anger volcano Abdul Malik Al-Madani, saying: "Last night, foreign Mirage Two thousand nine bombed the Al-Wattiya Air Force base in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt by the supporters of the rebel # Haftar. The information we received says that the plane is owned by # Emirates, and exited the Egyptian # Sidi Barani base. "