"The poster is not stable, and the towel is replaced..." Recently, in the Shidao district of Changtan Town, Fushun County, Zigong City, Sichuan, a man violated the stop and the "fancy" blocking number plate was investigated by the traffic police department.

  It is understood that the traffic police brigade of Fushun County Public Security Bureau inspected the traffic order of Longtan Town through surveillance video and found a white car parked on the prohibited road section. The staff immediately locked the illegal behavior of the car in disorder. .

  According to reports, the monitoring screen shows that after the driving man violated the parking, in order to avoid street monitoring, he took out a poster to cover the front plate of the vehicle. It didn’t take long for him to find that the poster blocking the number plate was unstable and slipped down. Immediately, with the assistance of a woman, he replaced a towel to block the previous number plate... As everyone knows, they "fancy" the number plate. The illegal traffic behavior of the license has been recorded by the staff of the monitoring center.

  In the end, the man's traffic violations that stopped and intentionally blocked the number plate were punished by the local traffic police department with a fine of 200 yuan and a driver's license of 12 points.

  (Source: Fushun Police Liu Gang Luo Wei Guo Ye Editor Zhou Jing)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]