Sánchez yesterday asked the Spaniards "not to be afraid" of sprouts. He did it the day after canceling the usual press conference after the Council of Ministers - in a new disregard for the right to information of citizens - and just the first weekend in which the health authorities eliminate the daily part of infections and deaths. The Prime Minister, with more coarseness than success, expressed a pressing need for all the countries hit hard by the pandemic: combine the return to normality with the control of the coronavirus, which represents a major challenge as long as science does not illuminate a treatment or a vaccine that generates immunity. The dozens of regrowths that have been registered in Spain after the de-escalation prove the risk that would be incurred once again in the negligence of uncontrolled disease. This has been revealed with the partial confinement decreed by the Generalitat in El Segrià, a Lleida region of 209,000 inhabitants. Although the extent of virus transmission in this area has yet to be determined, Justice limits the confinement to 15 days. That said, it causes shock that the Catalan government ruled out the confinement on Friday and, 24 hours later, ended up ordering it. Torra's management of the pandemic remains erratic, disastrous and opaque.

Administrations are obliged to be transparent, treat citizens like adults and make decisions with agility and efficiency. It is evident that the proliferation of new outbreaks shows the weakness of primary care and the insufficient material to carry out tests. It is urgent that all governments, including that of the nation, implement the necessary means to guarantee early detection. In any case, it is worth emphasizing the individual responsibility of citizens . Strict compliance with the personal hygiene and social distance measures covered by the legislation is essential to prevent a new Covid-19 outbreak. The economic recovery requires a gradual and safe return to daily life, but all this must be accompanied by civic behavior. Only in this way can the protection of the entire society be guaranteed.

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