• The cultural recommendations of José Luis Garci. 'Perdition', Dylan, Umbral, 'La que se avecina

A BOOK: 'Fidelity to Greece' by Emilio Lledó

One of my favorite authors, from whom I read everything he publishes and whom I consider one of my teachers, although he has never been one formally, is Professor Emilio Lledó. Some of his books are always on my nightstand. Editorial Taurus has just reissued Fidelidad a Grecia , where it summarizes what permeates the rest of his work. The ethical model that the Greek civilization supposed was a permanent search for values ​​such as truth, beauty, justice or wisdom. This knowledge, which still shapes our thinking today, has been able to reach us thanks to the permanence of the written word and the transmission of the text. This wonderful reality, the basis of our civilization, is the same that Irene Vallejo collects in her book The infinity in a junk, edited by Siruela and which has become one of the great books of the year. A delightful essay full of testimonies that is a song to the meaning of the book and the value of libraries. It shows how, from the first writing supports, the permanence of texts has been linked to the human being's need to access knowledge that allows them to develop and become better. This is what today, that we have much easier, we must not forget.

A film: 'Amanece que es poco', by José Luis Cuerda

In February of this year, José Luis Cuerda died, a great director who left us, among others, the movie Amanece que no es poco . I have had the opportunity to see it again recently and I think it has not lost an iota of its freshness. Today, almost 40 years after its premiere, it still seems to me a film that is seen without losing the smile and bursting out laughing, despite reflecting pathetic stereotypes, but perfectly recognizable in the society of the moment. The mayor, the priest, the doctor, the civil guard ... living forces of the peoples of that time, make up a universe that the film contemplates from the vision of the value of democracy, the importance of the responsibility of public offices and the voice of women who, despite everything, feel free. It still seems to me to be an intelligent and brave film that mixes absurdity with irreverence and drama with everyday life, that is, basically, life itself. Today some of her phrases are still remembered as mythical and her characters are recreated. This memory serves as a small tribute to an intelligent and educated Spanish film director, who knew how to make humor a work of art, something reserved only for the great.

A DISC: CHet Baker

My favorite music is jazz, I love listening to it when I get home and I am tired, because it generates a feeling of peace while giving me life. It's not easy for me to make a selection among my preferences, but I like the calm and melodious voice of Stacey Kent or Chantal Chamberland, the serene piano of David McKenna or the strength of sax by Scott Hamilton. Another impressive musician is Chet Baker, especially when his trumpet sounds alongside Stacey's voice, pure harmony. I also often listen to Andrea Motis and the musicians of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, led by Joan Chamorro, a group of young values ​​guided by a great teacher who perform jazz wonderfully. I think it is a good way to discover that hidden musical gift in some people. I like jazz because it is music that can be listened to at all hours, it is calm but sensual music, free and full of life, a perfect companion for feelings.

A SERIES: 'Halt and catch fire'

I love Filmin, I always find something that is attractive to see. Right now I am hooked on a series titled Halt and catch fire. It narrates the important change that took place in the computer world in the 80s and that supposed a substantial modification in our lives. I am fascinated by everything that represents an advancement of the human being, which in turn forces us to reflect on what our way of life has been affected today. Developing affordable personal computers that can talk to each other and also providing them with tools that serve as entertainment, such as video games, has radically changed the relationships between people, access to knowledge and the enjoyment of leisure. This discovery, with all that it entailed with passion, dedication and ambition, is described through a plot that mixes technology with feelings and that can serve as a starting point for a necessary reflection on the new information revolution.

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