Duffy singer in December 2011 - Joel Ryan / AP / SIPA

"I can't imagine Netflix being able to ignore how insensitive and dangerous this content is": Welsh singer Duffy wrote to the streaming platform asking her to remove the 365-day Polish film , which eroticizes rape.

"No one should take this for entertainment, any more than it should be described or marketed in this way," she wrote in this letter released by the Deadline site. We all know that Netflix would never host content that glamorizes pedophilia, racism, homophobia, genocide or any other crime against humanity. "

"Raped, drugged and kidnapped"

The singer, who in 2011 had announced "taking a break" regarding her public activity, revealed in February that she had decided to be absent for a long time after being "raped, drugged and kidnapped for a few days". "I'm ok and safe now" but "it took a while," she said.

Duffy, who is also a composer, won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2008 with her album Rockferry. In 2009, born artist Aimee Anne Duffy also won three Brit Awards.


Singer Duffy reveals that she was "raped, drugged and kidnapped for a few days"


"365 days": On Netflix, a Polish film that eroticizes rape is controversial

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