Without a massive ceremony ... nor a crowded funeral witnessed by the stars and their wide audience ... Yesterday, Egypt, the able artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, who died inside the Quarantine Hospital in the city of Ismailia at the age of 82 years, was bid farewell to the conflict after a conflict that lasted about 43 days with the new Corona virus. .

The Egyptian Ministry of Culture described the late artist as "one of the stars of beautiful time and a model of serious art." She has succeeded with her sophisticated sense of creating a unique shape for the roles she played throughout her extended artistic history.

Since the sixties of the last century, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi has participated in nearly 400 films, TV series and plays alongside the major Egyptian cinema stars, such as Faten Hamama and Adel Imam, to gain wide fame in the Arab world.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was born on the sixth of September 1938 in the name of Najat Ali Hassan Al-Jeddawi. She lived a period of her childhood with her aunt, actress and dancer, Salute Carioca, and later embodied her role in the series "The Cinderella" directed by Samir Saif. Raja moved to Cairo as a child accompanied by her older brother to stay with her aunt, the artist, Salute Carioca, who took care of them, and she attended (Franciscan) schools in Cairo, where she learned French and Italian at an early age, then worked in the translation department of an advertising company, as reported yesterday, a news agency The Egyptian Middle East (ASA) in its report on the late.

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi entered the art through passing the fashion show, and she is considered one of the oldest Arab artists who did not lose sight of the screen, as her artistic start was through the movie “Strange” in 1958, and her years of art work reached 62 years.

Omar's story

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, in previous statements, said: “My father separated from my mother when we were young children when I was only four years old, and despite the separation, our relationship with him remained good. My mother was a great woman who emptied to raise us until Cairo and my older brother (Farouk) came to our aunt’s house, the greeting that took We were raised, and my aunt insisted on enrolling me in a foreign school, the Franciscan School, which was attended only by the people.

She added, “She never skipped her spending on us and learned at an early age French and Italian. My presence in this school had a great role in learning the origins of etiquette and the system, which contributed to forming my personality as an artist and a person. My presence in the school also contributed for 11 years continuously to depend on Myself, the study was internal, and we were only leaving it on Saturday and Sunday every week. ”

And the late continued: «At school, I was brought up inside me from a young age to settle down and love reading for international writers in English, without neglecting reading for our Arab writers. Buy Rajaa Al-Jeddawi ».

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi won the "Cairo Brown Scarf" at a carnival in Al-Andalus Park, through which she received the "Queen of the Mediterranean Basin" award.

Wholesale business

Rajaa Al-Jeddawi presented films: “Rumor of love”, “The price of exile”, “Days in halal”, “The sparkle of your eyes”, “He returned to revenge”, “Mud”, “Al-Bawab Al-Bawab”, “Timor and Shafiqa” and “The Three Work on It” and "Karkar", "Marati and my wife", and "from 30 years".

She had a strong artistic relationship with comedian Adel Imam, and she participated in many of his works such as: “Hanafi Al Bahha”, “My Dreams of a Flying Boy” and “My Hidden Worlds” and my plays “Alwad Sayed Al Shaghal” and “The Leader”.

Among its most prominent TV series: “Hind and Dr. Numan”, “Awan Al Ward”, “Tamer and Shawkeya”, “Noun Al Mazouna”, “Hajj Metwally’s Family”, “Sherbat Luz” and “Diaries of a Spartan Wife Ui” and “In the Blink of an Eye” and "The Game of Oblivion," which was its last work in the month of Ramadan.

Last February, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was honored by the management of the Aswan International Film Festival for Women in its fourth session. She had experiences in the field of radio and television presentation, and the participant, Amr Adib, participated in presenting the “Al-Hekaya” program on MBC Egypt. She married the late Ismaili Football Club goalkeeper, Hassan Mokhtar, and has a single daughter from him.

An alternative mourning plaza

The departure of the able artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi has left a real sadness on the accounts of the stars on social media, which has turned into an alternative consolation square for a large star that left a rich artistic legacy, in the cinema, television and theater, as well as on the fashion platforms, with which she was attached a symbol of elegance and fashion.

A large group of stars lamented Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, enclosing their words with the late pictures. Among the artists who inherited the late star were: Sawsan Badr, Nabila Obaid, Amr Diab, Angham, Sumaya Al-Khashab, Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Saqa, Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Najwa Karam, Sherif Munir, Ashraf Zaki, Elisa, Mohamed Hamaki, Mohamed Heneidy, artist, Ahlam, and others.

And he described many of the late artists as being a mother to them, so the actress Mai Kassab wrote: "We belong to God and to Him we shall return. She passed away to the mercy of God Almighty, my mother. # Please_jeddawi."

While the late artist Ahmed Al-Saadani said, late, "May God have mercy on you, kindness, respectable, fine, stumpy, nostalgic, Mama, please."

She did not stand up to the virus for long

The late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was infected with the Corona virus while filming the last episodes of the series “The Forgotten Game”, which was shown last Ramadan, and was transferred to an isolation hospital in Ismailia Governorate, and despite her improvement in the beginning, she did not stand up to the virus, after being present for a period 43 days in the health isolation of Abu Khalifa Hospital in Ismailia, as it was placed on a penetrative artificial respiration device inside the intensive care of the hospital, after the deterioration of her health condition, and yesterday she uttered her last breaths, leaving behind a rich technical history. Because of the health measures currently adopted in the face of the Corona epidemic, the late artist’s burial was found, without ceremonies, in the family cemetery in Al-Basatin neighborhood, south of Cairo.

Last honor

Last February, the late Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was honored by the management of the Aswan International Film Festival for Women in its fourth session.

The news of the artist’s death topped the list of the most frequently discussed topics in several Arab countries yesterday morning, with a flood of comments praising the artist, which many described as “the most elegant Arab women”.

"At school, I was brought up in a young age of stability and love for reading international writers in English."


The year in which the artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was born in the city of Ismailia.


Film, television series and theater in which the late star participated.


One day, the late artist spent her in the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia.


The year in which Raja Al-Jeddawi presented her first movie.

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