In protests against racism, demonstrators burned several US flags on New York's National Day. An action took place near Trump Tower, the headquarters of US President Donald Trump's empire, and rallies in other cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, have rallied despite corona virus warnings from health care professionals.

US President Donald Trump had previously conjured up the superiority of the United States in a speech to thousands of spectators at the famous MountRushmore National Monument, which shows the heads of four ex-Presidents carved into the rock. The United States is "the fairest and most extraordinary country that has ever existed on Earth".

Trump accused the left wing of the political spectrum of wanting to trigger a "wave of violent crime" in the country's cities. He announced that he would be tough on attacks on "our great freedom". 

The president's stance has particularly heated the minds of those who have been protesting for weeks in rethinking the way the black population of America is being rethought. Anti-racism demonstrations have been taking place across the country since the death of black George Floyd in a violent police operation. These also overshadowed the National Day celebrations that Americans traditionally celebrate with parades, parties, and fireworks.

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Criticism of Trump's appearance also came from the musician Neil Young. The 74-year-old rock star publicly complained that Trump had played some of his songs when he spoke to the Mount Rushmore massif. "I don't agree," Young wrote on Twitter. He also linked a video on which his song Rockin 'in the FreeWorld could be heard. In the past few weeks, the Rolling Stones and the family of the late musician Tom Petty had also brought injunctions against Trump for using his music against the will of the artists for his performances.