In the next three days (5-7 days), Beijing will still have more thundery weather, reminding the public to travel with rain gear and minimize or avoid going to mountain areas.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was mainly cloudy with a maximum temperature of 30.1°C during the day, but the humidity was high and the human body felt a little stuffy. In the afternoon, the west and north of Beijing encountered thunderstorms again, and the rainfall distribution was very uneven. Factual statistics show that the average rainfall in Beijing was 1.9 mm from 15:00 to 23:00 yesterday, 0.3 mm in the urban area, 5.8 mm in the Bei'an River in Haidian, and 82.8 mm in Badaling in Yanqing.

  Today it is expected that during the day, Beijing will turn into thunderstorms, with south winds of grades 2 and 3, with a maximum temperature of 30°C; at night, overcast (thunderstorms in the east) turn cloudy, with southward winds of grades 1, 2 and a minimum temperature of 22°C.

  Two days after tomorrow, there may still be thunderstorms in the west and north of Beijing. The maximum temperature does not change much, and the body feels a little sultry.

  Experts reminded that there are thunderstorms in Beijing today, travel with rain gear, and pay attention to traffic safety while driving; recent frequent rains, high risk of geological disasters in mountainous areas, please minimize or avoid going to mountainous areas.