Shijingshan Wanda Plaza has not yet opened, the opening time is still waiting for notice

  Beijing Daily Client Reporter Sun Yunke

  In response to the online news of the opening of Shijingshan Wanda Plaza today (July 5), the reporter learned from Shijingshan District and the scene that as of now, Shijingshan Wanda Plaza has not yet opened the door, and the relevant person in charge of Wanda said that the specific opening time is still waiting for the government department to notify .

  The reporter saw at the scene that the door of Shijingshan Wanda Plaza is still closed, and the staff at the scene organized the killing in the mall. "Opening hours are still waiting for the notification." There are still a few take-out staff at the door to take meals, but they do not work at Wanda. People still cannot enter the mall.

  The reporter learned from Shijingshan District that Wanda Plaza in Shijingshan has not yet resumed business. According to the guidance of the disease control department, Wanda has carried out a comprehensive killing. The commercial department has organized employees of Wanda Plaza and employees of all merchants to carry out nucleic acid tests, and the results are all If it is negative, the opening time will be determined after a comprehensive evaluation.

  The reporter learned that at about 13:30 on July 2, the Shijingshan Center for Disease Control received a report that a customer with a positive detection of new coronavirus nucleic acid was active in Wanda Plaza in Shijingshan District. The Shijingshan District Health and Health Commission and the District Disease Control Center, together with the Public Security Branch Bureau, immediately launched a plan for emergency response to epidemic prevention, and quickly rushed to Wanda Plaza for epidemic prevention control, investigation and treatment. The district public security branch organized the management of Wanda Plaza to temporarily close Wanda Plaza in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention. The district disease control department carried out a comprehensive killing of Wanda Plaza in accordance with the guidelines for epidemic prevention. After a professional evaluation, the opening time was determined.