Gagwoman Ahn Young-mi, who has already married in February and became a legal married woman, is attracting interest in her husband.

Ahn Young-mi said on the YouTube channel "BVTV" on the 3rd, "I filed my marriage on February 28." My husband is now in the United States.

Earlier, Ahn Young-mi appeared on the radio of Girls' Generation Sunny in 2015 as a panel, and received a text saying'let's go on a date' from a listener, and instantly made a phone call to develop into a lover.

Only Ahn Young-mi's 180cm accountant was known, but no details were given. Currently, they are in the United States and the two have only been married without a wedding ceremony. For this reason, it is said that Ahn Young-mi recently went to an English academy and sold herself to English studies.

When Shin Bong-seon in "BVTV" replied, "Why did you pretend to be single?" It didn't spread, so I was also surprised."

 (SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)