China Weather Network News This weekend (4-5 days), the thunderstorms in Beijing will still be frequent, with strong winds and hail. Today, thunderstorms will begin to develop from west to east in the afternoon. The public should bring rain gear and pay attention to safety. In case of strong winds and thunderstorms, they should avoid them in time and do not stay outside.

  Yesterday, scattered small showers appeared in the urban area of ​​Beijing. Due to the impact of rainfall, the air humidity was relatively large. Last night, light fog appeared in Haidian and Shijingshan, and the visibility in some areas was less than 1 km.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will still be thunderstorms in the western and northern regions today, with southerly winds of grades 2 to 3, with a maximum temperature of 29°C. It will be cloudy at night with thunderstorms or showers and a minimum temperature of 22°C. The day after tomorrow, there will still be thunderstorms in Beijing, and the maximum temperature will slowly rise and rise again to above 30℃.

  Warm reminder, there are still many thundery showers in Beijing this weekend, and there are strong winds and hail in the local area. Please bring rain gear and pay attention to traffic safety when traveling. The recent rainfall is frequent and the risk of geological disasters in mountain areas is high. Please do not go to dangerous areas such as mountain areas.