Club RFI: more than 50,000 fruit and forest trees to plant

Deforestation to make charcoal. RFI Uvira / Lusenda / Muolongwe Clubs

By: Eric Amiens

The RFI Clubs of Uvira, Lusenda and Mulongwe-Fizi, in the Democratic Republic (DRC) came together to carry out environmental protection activities.


They raise awareness of environmental issues and plan to plant more than 50,000 fruit and forest trees to reduce soil erosion in Uvira and in the vicinity of the refugee camps of Lusenda and Mulongwe.

Participants: Stanislas Woanga Kamengelé, president of the Club RFI Uvira; Emmanuel Ntirampeba, president of the Club RFI Lusenda; Bernard Asukulu, agronomist and president of the RFI Club, in the Mulongwe-Fizi-FERAPAD refugee camp. 
The guest, the cousin of the RFI Club: Bill Mokelwa, lawyer and researcher. 
Music: "Mafuriko Uvira" Brixesy Briyana Mary Goreth and Sadi Baba. 

Production : Cécile Bonici.

1) Poster of the operation. 2) At the nursery. 3) Distribution of plants. @ RFI Uvira / Lusenda / Muolongwe Clubs

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