Ten years ago, Zhang Chengyu, the murderer of 6 deaths, is still at large.

Reward notice issued by the police.

  On June 28, a reward notice issued by the Changsha Public Security Bureau once again made a name familiar to many people in Changsha appear.

  On August 2, 2009, an intentional homicide case occurred in Xingcheng Town, Wangcheng County, Changsha City, Hunan Province, causing 6 deaths and 2 injuries. Zhang Chengyu is suspected of major crimes. Subsequently, the Hunan and Changsha public security organs issued notices of Zhang Chengyu, a fugitive wanted. But Zhang Chengyu, like the evaporation of the world, has been silent.

  As a suspect of the A-level arrest warrant of the Ministry of Public Security, Zhang Chengyu has long been the "No. 1" target of the Hunan Reward Notice, and has also become a "heart disease" of the Hunan police.

  The reward of Changsha Public Security is still not small: providing important clues to arrest the suspect’s reward of 200,000 yuan, and directly arresting the criminal suspect’s reward of 300,000 yuan.

  "I am not Zhang Chengyu"

  The case that shocked the country in 2009 occurred in Wangcheng County, Changsha, which had not yet been withdrawn from the county. According to the Xiaoxiang Morning News, in early June 2009, Zhang Chengyu and a woman named Li Ping rented a house on the first floor of Long Jianhua (a pseudonym) in Wangcheng Xinyue Community, and jointly operated a "kangle 15 yuan massage shop." Shop. Only two months later, in the early morning of August 2, 2009, Long Jianhua, who lived on the second floor, noticed something strange on the first floor and quickly called the police. After rushing to the scene, the police discovered a massacre that killed 6 people and injured 2 people in the massage shop.

  The police immediately locked the suspect: Zhang Chengyu, a 39-year-old Sangzhi from Zhangjiajie. The police then publicly offered a reward of 50,000 yuan to the public to collect clues to solve the case. After the incident, in Changsha City, there was a rush of noise and the clues were constantly reported. The police launched a large-scale containment search. "A few days after the incident, the homeless people in the city of Changsha unified their passwords and became'I am not Zhang Chengyu'." Some citizens recalled.

  The reward notice issued by the Public Security Bureau of Changsha City on June 28, 2020 disclosed that Zhang Chengyu, formerly known as Zhang Hucheng, nickname "daughter-in-law", male, Tujia nationality, was born on July 23, 1970, and his domicile is Sangzhi County, Zhangjiajie City Dazhuang Village, Shataping Township, about 1.70 meters tall, with a long face, dark skin, habeu, medium and thin body, speaks Hunan Zhangjiajie, speaks non-standard Mandarin and Changsha. ID number: 430822197007238833. The Ministry of Public Security has issued Public Wanted [2009] No. 47 Class A Wanted Order to him.

  Wanted order "One" target

  The Hunan Provincial Public Security Organ attaches great importance to this case.

  On November 25, 2009, the Hunan Provincial Public Security Department once again issued a bounty announcement to hunt down Zhang Chengyu. The public security organ rewarded RMB 300,000 for providing important clues or directly arresting the criminal suspect.

  The reward notice issued by the Changsha Municipal Public Security Bureau also said, "The public security organs that provide important clues to catch the criminal suspect will be rewarded with RMB 200,000, and the reward for directly arresting the criminal suspect will be RMB 300,000."️

  Surging News found that although the amount of reward for the arrest of Zhang Chengyu increased from 50,000 to 300,000, the whereabouts of these years have remained a mystery.

  On May 25, 2017, the Hunan Provincial Public Security Bureau issued the "Notice on Public Rewards for Wanted Persons at Fleeing," and publicly offered wanted rewards for 10 intentionally murdered fugitives and 10 regional occupational crime fugitives who were at large. Zhang Chengyu once again ranked as "No. 1".

  A Hunan police source told the media reporter that the facts of Zhang Chengyu's case were clear and the evidence was conclusive, but because the people had never caught it, this major case that shocked the country that year had already overwhelmed many police officers. "This is already a piece of our heart."