Girl group AOA leader Jimin (real name Shin Ji-min) announced the withdrawal of the AOA team and suspension of entertainment activities for Kwon Min-a's revelation.

Jimin's agency, FNC Entertainment, apologized on the 4th, saying, "I'm sorry that many people are worried about what is happening with the singer Jimin.

" Jimin apologized. We decided to stop the entertainment activities. We will also be fully responsible for all of these situations and take full care in managing the artists. We apologize for the concern that we have once again caused by bad things."

Jimin stopped working, but the controversy is not fading.

Kwon Min-ah said on the social media that she told FNC Entertainment that she was talking about Jimin's work, but she was on the lookout. Some voices say that FNC Entertainment should apologize at the company level.

Kwon Min-a debuted in the entertainment industry in 2012 as an AOA member, and left the team in May last year and turned into an actress. Earlier, Kwon Min-a claimed that she had been bullied by Jimin for the past 10 years, and eventually withdrew, and attempted extreme depression and extreme choice in the process.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)