Anna Nooshin is annoyed that the media attention is now not focused on the opening of The Upside Down, the Instagram museum she opened in Amsterdam, but on the, in her view, negative question from De Telegraaf about not keeping distance during the opening lunch.

"I deliberately chose not to answer the question, not because it was unanswerable, but because this was not the approach of the interview and it completely overwhelmed me by the negative tone," Nooshin said in her Instagram Story.

The influencer was asked by the newspaper about the press lunch during the opening of the museum. Images of several colleagues and friends of Nooshin showed how no 1.5 meters were kept during dinner, and certainly not afterwards: the different groups posed close together and cuddled for photos.

A reporter for the newspaper expressed concern about the rules not being followed, and Nooshin reacted irritably. Although the influencer chose not to respond, De Telegraaf still put the images online and the video was shared on all kinds of channels.

Nooshin now says with love to answer any questions asked "with good intention." "However, I did not get that feeling. It felt like looking for sensation and I wanted to stay away from that."

The influencer emphasizes that The Upside Down does take into account the corona measures and that the organization "takes responsibility" for the press lunch. has asked the organization whether this means that those present are asked to quarantine, or whether other measures may be taken.