Janine Abbring returns this summer as a presenter of a new season of Summer guests and will also receive various guests in the studio this year.

Typhoon - Musician

Glenn de Randamie opens the new season of the interview program on July 19. The musician, who became known in 2014 under his stage name Typhoon, has suddenly had an empty agenda in recent months due to the corona crisis and says he is looking forward to the conversation with Abbring. The musician hopes to be able to touch, inspire and activate the viewer.

Inez Weski - Criminal lawyer

In the second week, criminal lawyer Inez Weski joins. Weski is currently the councilor of Ridouan T. and Desi Bouterse and has been in court for over forty years. The lawyer says he wants to take the viewer on a "trek" on July 26.

"A journey, accompanied by nostalgia, relativity and the comfort of art, music and the beauty and power of nature. I may even show the hope of the right to free thought."

Nazmiye Oral - Actress, writer

Nazmiye Oral was on stage in Amsterdam and New York, won a Golden Calf in 2016 and wrote the novel Zehra . On August 2 she will talk to Abbring about "being different".

"My whole life is about 'being different', compared to the Turkish and the Dutch group. At the same time, I did not want to belong to a group if it meant that the others were less or bad. I want to show how you can search to connect with people who think differently than you. My evening should be about how to make 'the other' family. "

Jaap Goudsmit - Virologist, epidemiologist

One of the world's leading AIDS researchers and scientific director of the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health's Human Immunomics Initiative, Jaap Goudsmit, will join Abbring on August 9. Goudsmit is an expert in the field of vaccine development and aging of the immune system and closely follows the corona approach in the Netherlands.

The theme for his evening will be 'survival'. "I want an evening where we get inside Nobel Prize winners and learn to distinguish cause and effect from chance. When you're in the middle of things, it seems like chaos, but as time goes on everything seems to be in order It will be the same with the current corona crisis. "

Carola Schouten - Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

On August 16, Carola Schouten is the fifth guest of Abbring. The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality likes to watch the program and enjoy it when a guest takes the viewer into his or her way of thinking. "I look forward to taking a look at my world, which I can enjoy, what I care about. This also includes heavier themes such as inequality, responsibility, and at the same time my ongoing search for freedom."