Nicolas Bedos directs the third episode of - Marco Provvisionato / IPA / SIPA

The next adventures of Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath are revealed. In an interview with Première , Nicolas Bedos revealed some elements of the intrigue of the next installment of OSS 117 , whose release is scheduled for February 3.

Led by Jean Dujardin and Pierre Niney, Red Alert in Black Africa will take place in the 1980s in a "Françafrique regime".

"It's swollen"

As Nicolas Bedos explains, in this new film, OSS 117 "went to save a Françafrique regime in the 1980s and help the president gain the upper hand over the rebels. It's a bad fight. And he will lose it. "

For the director, "there is something rebellious in this project" written by Jean-François Halin and Michel Hazanavicius. "It's swollen. It is a little scary. I spent two or three years of my life on television frightening myself a bit and here I am frightening myself as before, "he added.


The new "OSS 117" will be called "Red Alert in Black Africa"


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