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Mother there is only one, but that there is only one does not mean that you are the best. And after seeing La Casa Fuerte's gala last night and the humiliation that Maite Galdeano subjected her son Cristian to , I think that indeed the word mother is too big for this woman. The rapapolvo that Jorge Javier Vázquez threw to Maite Galdeano last night for the treatment he gives his son deserves to applaud even with his ears. Not everything is worth for money, nor for a reality show , nor for continuing on television. What is more important than a child? Well Maite Galdeano he does not understand that concept, at least, he does not understand it with his son, whom he crushes, humiliates, ridicules and hurts to unsuspected limits, to limits impossible to believe in a mother.

The tears of Cristian Suescun last night and the ones he has left during the week are the tears of a boy who I sincerely believe that all he wants is for his mother to give him the affection that a mother is supposed to give to her son or, at the less, that it gives part of the affection and respect that Maite Galdeano gives to her other daughter, Sofía Suescun .

After watching the videos of a mother screaming at her son last night that she loves her daughter and her boyfriend, Kiko Jiménez; after seeing her reject me in front of everyone; after seeing her crush Cristian until he denied in front of all Spain that she did not want him; after seeing her how he said to him that poor of the girl that will end him; After insulting him, ridiculing him and stepping on him, it is clear to me that Maite Galdeano has a problem, a serious problem that has her son destroyed.

The fact that a son attends a reality show as Survivors so that his mother knows him and values ​​him says a lot about the sick relationship between mother and son. That a son agreed to get into another reality show to be able to fix his mother's problems and try to live with her says it all. Obviously, if Cristian Suescun and Maite Galdeano have entered La Casa Fuerte it is for money, but I am beginning to think that right now for Cristian money is the least and that he would change all the bills because his mother showed him a little, just a A little bit of love. I cannot say the same for Maite Galdeano . Sorry but no. There is a big difference, very big, abysmal, between being a monster of reality shows , such as she and her daughter, and being a good mother. Maite Galdeano showed last night that it is not.

The terrible story of Maite Galdeano

A mother has to love and show that she loves, a mother has to be tough and mature, a mother has to sacrifice, a mother has to educate, but also respect, a mother has to be a mother and not be a colleague with whom you want to share a flat. I understand that Maite Galdeano is not a regular mother and behind all this there is a terrible history of mistreatment, separation and open wounds, but even with all that, what Maite Galdeano does with her son crosses too many lines. Cristian Suescun is not a saint of my devotion, nor do I like his character, nor would I vote for him to win any reality show , but last night my heart broke seeing him cry inconsolably while Jorge Javier asked his mother to show him his love, and she reacted almost as if they were taking her to the wall.

They tell me what Jorge Javier Vázquez said to Maite Galdeano last night and he grabbed my son and I love him. And I do not care if I am dry, if I do not know how to show affection, if I am not kissing or hugging ... If I see my son that way I would do everything possible to give him what he is crying out for. That Cristian Suescun opened up to Juani , a practically unknown woman, and told him that his mother loves her sister and her boyfriend more than him, it is proof that no matter how hard she wants to seem, the pain she keeps is a lot bigger than all the image you want to appear. And I tell you more, if someone came to me and told me that my son has gone to that person to confess that he wants me to love him just like his sister, I can't think of riding the one that Maite Galdeano put up, much less it occurs to me put what they will say before my son's feelings.

Because what translates from the anger that La Casa Fuerte showed last night after Juani revealed Cristian's secret is that Maite Galdeano seems to care more that her son did not leave her bad, that he can feel it. It is very sad, but it is what you saw last night. That Juani's intention was not to try to fix things between Maite Galdeano and Cristian , of course, but let's not kill the messenger. Although Juani's intention was to give an open hand to Maite Galdeano with whom he has an open war after Maite Galdeano's revelations about his daughter María Jesús Ruiz, it is completely secondary. The important thing is that Juani opened a melon that allowed Maite Galdeano to open her eyes and only served to sink her son even more in the greatest misery. What can be sadder and more painful than a mother who does not show that she loves you and who only seems to reject you?

When Maite Galdeano finds out, because Juani is going to prick her, that her son has been leaving her, her first reaction is to force her son to get up from the table and go to Juani and deny him the oldest. To tell her that her mother has given her the best of education and that she has always supported her. And do not believe that he said it well, no, no, no, he followed him to where Juani was with María Jesús Ruiz to verify that he was indeed released and all the rumors and all the accusations were cut off. But far from it ending there, Juani's provocation ended in a confrontation between mother and deplorable son.

Maite Galdeano's animosity towards her son

One day Cristian looked at me and told me that his mother only wanted Sofia and Kiko . I was very sorry. I've also seen Maite tell him that it's not good for a reality show . And what I want is for Cristian not to let himself be manipulated, "revealed Juani , who also has a bit of a slobbery because obviously his intention was not in any case for Cristian to settle with his mother but to do all the damage possible to Maite Galdeano I'll wait for you who has a desire here. "I don't allow myself to be manipulated by anyone. I think Juani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Take advantage of the scolding with my mother. I don't want people to take advantage. My mother is the best mother in the world and the discussions we have will be ours, " Cristian defended his mother. However, when the rest of the tenants positioned themselves in favor of Juani and assured the same thing that she assured, things changed.

The Strong House then decided to show the anger between mother and son, the anger for which almost Cristian Suescun leaves the house. And I'm going to tell you one thing, I should have given up. The attitude that Maite Galdeano showed with him does not deserve that he hold on for another half second sharing a roof with her. Sorry to be this tough, but the shit Maite Galdeano unleashed on her son deserves nothing more than to take the suitcases and say 'there you stay with Sofia and your Kiko '.

"When we get out of here you will go to your flat and I will stay with my daughter. My girl is with me at the top and I have raised her alone, alone, only . Sofia , Kiko , I love you with everything I I'm seeing here ", Maite Galdeano blurted out in full anger, while Cristian Suescun tried to hold the pull and not make more wood from the fallen tree or light the fire any more. But when Maite Galdeano opens the crap drawer, there is no one to stop her. Not only did he make it very clear that she wanted to be with his daughter, but he made it clear to all of Spain that he would not want any woman to be next to someone like him. And it was no longer just the words, which are hard noses, it was the way he said it, with a hatred, animosity, a rejection that, although you can think it was because of the heat of the moment, I'm sorry, but no, that hatred does not come out of the heat of the moment, that hatred has slowly forged, has been feeding little by little and is rooted in such a strong way that I am not surprised that Cristian ended up collapsing.

It's true that Cristian isn't treating her mother like a queen either. He who sows winds gathers storms , and I don't mean it by Cristian . When she loses the papers he is the first to call her "crazy" or to leave her at the feet of the horses, but she has never conveyed the animosity that Maite Galdeano seems to feel for her son. What will be the thing that even in the live show last night at the pond, Cristian Suescun was still trying to justify his mother, still trying to please her and fulfill her wish that she would not be in front of all of Spain as the worst mother in the world. He defended it against the attacks of Juani and the rest, he raised all the spears in his favor that he could, but not for those. When something doesn't flow, when something is broken it can't be fixed with a patch. Even Jorge Javier Vázquez , who is seldom given to show his sentimentality, last night could not keep silent anymore when he saw the images of the anger and the rejection that Maite Galdeano gave off towards her son.

Jorge Javier: "You have forgotten that you are his mother"

Jorge Javier Vázquez, much given to lecturing the contestants, I think he was 10 last night when he told Maite Galdeano that Maite Galdeano had forgotten the most important thing, he had forgotten about his mother. "I think you see a boy that you don't get much of an age difference with and that you are a modern woman. But you have forgotten something very important: you are her mother. You have to be more affectionate with her. be more understanding. " And Cristian fell apart.

The boy was listening to the words of Jorge Javier and I think he was released, he heard what he has probably been asking his mother for a long time and still has not been able to ask him well. But Maite Galdeano responded with a small mouth, yes, yes, that he was going to listen to him, while in reality I think it made him feel like a shot that Jorge Javier left at the feet of the horses.

She kept trying to justify herself by explaining that neither of them are affectionate, that she is not a mother who shows her love because her father educated her like that and did not show it to her either, that she is not affectionate, but that she has always been there to support them and be when they have needed it, that she is a fighting mother and that she is very strict with them ...

Maybe not lying, but Maite Galdeano as a mother is much more than all those explanations. I understand that not having been able to raise his son and being alone with Sofía Suescun has led to his relationship with his son not being the best in the world, but the problem is that he also does not try to make it better. He crushes him for everything, he reproaches him for everything, he despises him for everything, he demeans him, he subdues him. Only when he saw that Jorge Javier was still insisting him and that the rest of the house was still positioning himself against him, was he able to recognize that he still hadn't shown him enough what he wanted and that he was going to give him more hugs and more love . And all this with Cristian completely broken, covering his face and holding the hot flash.

Oriana Marzoli and Iván win the round

Because if alfo had La Casa Fuerte last night it was hot flashes. There is the house that fumes. Between Cristina and Ferre who are experiencing the crisis of coexistence and Cristina lives obsessed. Between Yola Berrocal and Leticia Sabater , whom Yola reported last night, they have stolen 3,000 euros from her safe, but who is not known. Between Juani and her open war with Maite Galdeano and by rebound with Yola Berrocal and Leticia Sabater whom she left last night as the most dirty in the kingdom. And between Oriana and Iván's garrulo , who looks like a dog in heat at all hours talking about sleeping with Oriana and at all hours asking, who later succeeded, that the audience put them in the residents' house to give Oriana sex It deserves, and thus stop once and for all copulating like rabbits in the shower and in the toilet of Ferre and Cristina , there is La Casa Fuerte look at me and do not touch me too much that I do not have the lirilí for much I read to you.

Yes, the house is warm between the dirt that Maite Galdeano and Cristian apparently do not clean, the justice of Juani , who does not want to hear that both of them spend the day scrubbing here, as Yola Berrocal and Leticia Sabater maintain , and the wanting mambo number five from Oriana and Iván . They are very heavy, sorry, it is very heavy . Is it really necessary that every time Jorge Javier Vázquez or someone from the program says something to him about Oriana, he has to be there all the time that if the powders, that if I'm going to give him what he deserves, that if he humbles, humbles, what if you take take? Really, let him be released into the jungle to see if he finds a monkey. You will see, now that they have the room, after winning the assault on Ferre and Cristina , how he is going to try to convert his long-awaited accommodation is the red room of 50 Shades of Gray . Yes, it has been for that, but it is already very tiresome.

And, please, let Yola Berrocal and Leticia Sabater live in their world of loving bears, who are bitter to me. They only want everything to flow and they have it as a bag of blows from all the conflicts in the house. They are the dirtiest, the most false, the most of all. They, that the only thing they are looking for is a good roll and that everything is Zen. They went into the wolf's cave and believe they are in Heidi's grandfather's house. Oh, if Heidi's grandfather were there! They would all be firm as masts . "Dear little mother of the soul, in my chest I carry a flower. Do not care what color it has, because at last you are a flower mother ..."

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